Those I saie haue I sought out, gathered together, and acordyng to the ordre of the storie and tyme, digested into this litle packe.

Then she laughed at herself for such a day dream, and went out to do her share of household duties, singing mellifluously, as she trod barefoot through the passages, a mystic song of hope and renunciation: "Welt, packe dich; Ich sehne mich Nur nach dem Himmel. Denn droben ist Lachen und Lieben und Leben; Hier unten ist Alles dem Eiteln ergeben."

Travers entertaining?" Wingrave reflected for a moment. "You mean the lady with a stock of epigrams, and a green veil?" he remarked. "No! I do not find her entertaining." "Your neighbor at table then, Miss Packe?" "If my affections have perished," Wingrave answered grimly, "my taste, I hope, is unimpaired.

Wheresoeuer they shal happen to sel or barter away any of their commodities to our subiects, they are to barter or sell by wholesale, and not by retalie, as by the yard or by the ounce in their houses or elsewhere: but by the packe or whole clothes, veluets, damasks, taffaties by the piece, and not by the yard: and al other wares that are to be sold by weight, they are to be sold not by the ounce, but by great sale.

"His Highness has been tormented to-night; methinks the length of a summer day ought to satisfy those who want to see him." The sun had set a good hour or more, when Sir Christopher Packe, the worshipful Lord Mayor, passed in. "His Highness," replied the stern gruff voice of an old soldier, "is of the people; and he knows that his duty next to awaiting the Lord always is to wait on them."

I am not cruell; pay me my first Bond Of marriage, which you seald to, & I free you And shall with Joy run flying to your armes. All. Law you? Mac. That's easy enough. Hen. Rackes, Gibbetts, wheeles make sausages of my flesh first! Ile be ty'd to no man's Strumpet. Alq. Then you muste look to dye. Mac. Lady, withdraw. Hen. Well, if I doe, somebody shall packe. Ele.

And the English merchants where they are desirous to buy or sell, or barter their wares with our merchants, whole wares for wares, they shall sell their commodies whole, and not by retaile: That is to say, neither by small weight nor by the yard, to sell or barter in their owne houses, and they shal sel and barter their wares wholly, Cloth by the packe, and by the whole Cloth, and Damaske and veluet by the piece and not by the yard, and al maner of commodities that are to be sold by weight, not to sell by the small weights, as by the pound and ounce, but by whole sale: also they shall sel wines by the pipe: and by the gallon, quart or stoope they shal not sell.

They had also brasen kettles, and girdles and purses made of leather, and knoppes on them of copper, and hatchets, and other small tooles as necessary as we haue. They drie their fish in the Sun, and when they are dry, they packe them vp in the top of their houses.

Against our countesse we conspire, packe vp all her iewels, plate, money that was extant, and to the water side send them: to conclude, couragiously rob her, and run away. Quid non auri sacra fames? What defame will not golde salue.