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The next daie there issued foorth of Calis two hundred men of armes, two hundred archers, and three hundred footmen, with ten or twelue wagons laden with vittels and artillerie, conducted by sir Richard Aston knight, lieutenant of the English pale for the earle of Summerset, capteine generall of those marches.

Why a good man ought not to exersise warfare as his arte, 33 Deedes of armes ought to be used privatly in time of peace for exersise, and in time of warre for necessetie and renoume, 36 The strength of an armie is the footemen, 38 The Romaines renued their Legions and had men in the flower of their age, 38 Whether men of armes ought to be kept, 40

Appended to this patent, as published in Smith's "True Travels," is a certificate by William Segar, knight of the garter and principal king of arms of England, that he had seen this patent and had recorded a copy of it in the office of the Herald of Armes. This certificate is dated August 19, 1625, the year after the publication of the General Historie.

And ye afforesaid crew shewed such a horrid noise, of a sudden ye Iriquoit Captayne took hold about me "Thou shalt not die by another hand than mine." Ye savages layd bye our armes & tyed us fast in a boat, one in one boat and one in another. We proceeded up ye river, rather sleeping than awake, for I thought never to escape.

In 1610 a book was published discussing the origin of the family of the Maid of Orleans; a work of little value. In 1612 one of the descendants of a brother of Joan of Arc Charles du Lys published a slight work called Traité sommaire sur le nom, les armes, la naissance et la parenté de la Pucelle et de ses frères.

His army in the warres is ten hundred thousande men, fiue hundred Elephantes, and horses, and Cameles, a wonderfull nomber, and this is but a meane preparacion. Ther are througheout the whole nacion certeine houses and stockes, that are pencionaries at armes, whose issue is as it ware branded with the marcke of the crosse, the skinne beyng pretely slitte.

I should include Jan, whose chin nearly rested on the window-sill with the little body belonging to it fluttering in an ugly interested way all the time. That Bathhouse John's interest was largely cynical is evidenced by the remarks which he threw out between spittings "Une section mesdames!" "A la gare!" "Aux armes tout le monde!" etc.

In that very time comes my mother, with two necklaces of porcelaine, one in her armes, and another about her like a belt. As soone as shee came in shee began to sing and dance, and flings off one of her necklaces in the midle of the place, having made many tourns from one end to the other. Shee takes the other necklace and gives it mee, then goes her way.

In your thought wish me prosper, And I am fortifide against the power Of fate to seperate us; and when thou art Within the amorous circle of my armes, We will make lawes to love; teach him new motion Or chaine him with the cordage of his haire, Like a tame thing, to walke, and watch our pillow And be our pleasures Centinell. La. Fra. All that's sweet attend thee.

Mais cette gloire meme etoit devenue notre idole, elle absorboit toutes les pensees des braves mis hors-de-combat par leurs blessures, toutes les esperances des jeunes gens qui faisaient leur premieres armes.

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