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"Besides, I expect it is up among the Druses, where one can't go." "Armie," in the tone of a great confession, "I've told Sydney all about it. Have you told Lord Fordham?" "No," said Armine, who was less exclusively devoted to the great romance. "I wonder whether he would read it?" "I've brought it. Nineteen copybooks and a dozen blank ones, though it was so hard to make Delrio pack them up."

The greatest dissorder that is used now a dayes in the orderinge of an armie, 102 How the Romaines devided their armie in Hastati, Principi and Triarii, 102 The manner that the Romaines used to order them selves agayne in the overthrow, 103 The custom of the Greekes, 103 A maine battaile of Suissers, 104 How manie legions of Romaine Citesens was in an ordinarie armie, 105

Concernyng the horsemen, there would be used likewise Trompettes, but of a lesse sounde, and of a divers voice from those of the Capitaine. This is as moche as is come into my remembraunce, aboute the order of the armie, and of the exercise of thesame.

"No, no, wait," said Fordham. "I want to write your name in it first. I'll send it this evening. Ali and Armie are coming to me while these good people are at their Duchess's." "Our last gaiety, I am thankful to say," returned his mother, as Barbara felt a fervent squeeze of the hand, which she knew was meant to remind her of the deeper tone of their conversation.

And hauing an armie of 20000 roially furnished there, we shall not need to take much care for their payment: for shal not Lisbon be thought able to make so few men rich, when the Suburbs thereof were found so abounding in riches, as had we made enemie of them, they had largely enriched vs all?

The yoong king reioicing that he had his brethren thus on his side, readie to take his part, became more stout than before, and for answere vnto the messengers that came to him from his father, he declared that if his father would deliuer vp the whole gouernment into his hands, he would be content to breake vp his armie.

But if you now grant me life, I shall be a witnesse for euer of your mercifull clemencie." Héerevpon they incompassed the maister of the campe, and those legionarie bands of souldiers which were left amongst the Silures to fortifie a place there for the armie to lodge in: and if succour had not come out of the next towns and castels, the Romans had béene destroied by siege.

"Only she can't get into it till Lady Day. And I wanted to ask you, Mr. Ogilvie, do you know anything about expenses down at your place? What would tolerable lodgings be likely to come to, rent of rooms, I mean, for my mother and the two young ones. Armie has not wintered in England since that Swiss adventure of ours, and I suppose St. Cradocke's would be as good a place for him as any."

But as the king was now readie to inuade his countrie, Rouland came to him, and vsed such meanes vnder pretense of satisfaction, that he made his peace with the king, who therevpon brought backe his armie, and did no more at that time.

"Yes, I've a chance of getting on Cameron's staff in India." "Oh, that's all right, old fellow! Why, you'll be my next neighbour." "But about mother? You don't seriously think Ali and Armie will be nothing but dead weights on her?" "Only as long as there's anybody to hold them up", said Bobus, perceiving that his picture had taken an effect the reverse of what he intended.

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