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'Can I rely upon these figures? asked Wingfield at last. 'You can, sir. 'In that case I congratulate you, Mr. Crosse. I can only find a deficiency of fifty pounds. Only enough to swallow the whole of their little savings, which they had carefully invested! However, it was good news, and Frank shook the proffered hand of the accountant.

We never had heard before our departure from York that the posts in the interior only received annually the stores necessary for the consumption of a single year. It was fortunate for us that Mr. Franklin had desired ten bags of pemmican to be sent from the Saskatchewan across the plains to Isle a la Crosse for our use.

Next, that there was but 750,000l. coyned of the Harp and Crosse money, and of this there was 500,000l. brought in upon its being called in.

The 18 of Januar, he came at evin againe to Edinburghe; and upone the 20 day, he was hangit at the crosse, and ij of his freindes and name, upon ane gallows: himself being chieff, he was hangit his awin hight above the rest of hes freindis." "Loch Awe, upon the banks of which the scene of action took place, is thirty-four miles in length.

Turner's, and there saw the achievement pretty well set up, and it is well done. Thence I on foot to Charing Crosse to the ordinary, and there, dined, meeting Mr. Gauden and Creed. Here variety of talk but to no great purpose. After dinner won a wager of a payre of gloves of a crowne of Mr. Gauden upon some words in his contract for victualling.

He had a nice "little wad o' money" when he left the camp and started for La Crosse, but he had been robbed in his hotel the first night in the city, and was left nearly penniless. It was a great blow to him, for, as he said, every cent of that money "stood fer hard knocks an' poor feed. When I smelt of it I could jest see the cold, frosty mornin's and the late nights.

Heretofore the means of travel to Chicago and the east has been either by rail to Owatanna, far to the west, or the more common practice of going by steamer in summer and stage in winter to La Crosse, thus of necessity paying both compliments and costs to this rival town, which has not been highly relished by the Winonians.

He says if any gentleman wants to take the job of reforming Indians he will give up his situation. He meant well, but lacked judgment. An item in the La Crosse Chronicle says: "Two cats and a dog were killed at the high school yesterday for inspection by the class in physiology."

'Yes, I thought I had better let you have your contract at once. Settling day is on Monday, you know. 'All right. Thank you. I will let you have a cheque. What what's this? The contract had been laid face upwards upon the table. Frank Crosse's face grew whiter and his eyes larger as he stared at it. It ran in this way 13a THROGMORTON STREET. Bought for Francis Crosse, Esq. For the 7th inst.

Thence Cocke and I by water, he home and I home, and there sat with Mr. Before the Harp and Crosse money was cried down, he and his fellow goldsmiths did make some particular trials what proportion that money bore to the old King's money, and they found that generally it come to, one with another, about L25 in every L100.