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Holding the lands of the village by hereditary right, by grant, conquest, or purchase, he collects his rents from the villages through a small staff of peons, or un-official police. The accounts are kept by another important village functionary the putwarrie, or village accountant. Putwarries belong to the writer or Kayasth caste.

"You must go away, my boy," kindly said old Somers, "you need a long rest." "Yes, yes," mournfully replied Clayton, thinking of the five days of agony before Jack Witherspoon would arrive to run the gauntlet of the treacherous Ferris. "I must go away go away and, have a long, long rest!" The old accountant watched his listless steps as he departed. "Head or heart which?" he murmured.

"Besides, sir, most of these men have lived for generations under the Buxtons. I'd give you my life, they would not cheat me." Mr. Henry coldly said: "I imagine a close examination of these books by some accountant will be the best proof of the honesty of these said tenants.

"How stupid of me!" he exclaimed, while the others loaded their guns. "Never mind; better luck next time," said Harry, as they resumed their walk. "I saw the flock settle down about half-a-mile in advance of us; so step out." Another short walk brought the sportsmen again within range. "Go to the front, Hammy," said the accountant, "and take the first shot this time." Hamilton obeyed.

Oh! mending the fire," he added, in an altered tone: "ah! I'll excuse you, my boy, since that's what you're at." The accountant hereupon got up, along with Hamilton, who was now also awake, and the three spread their hands over the bright fire, and revolved their bodies before it, until they imbibed a satisfactory amount of heat.

Presently, from his low desk, in the lowliest corner, uprises, and comes forward quietly, Mutty Loll Roy, the head circar, venerable, placid, pensive, every way interesting; but he is only the Baboo's head circar, an humble accountant, on fifteen rupees a month. Do you perceive that fact in the style of his salutation?

His next post was Fort Anderson, on the Begh-ula, or Anderson River, in the Barren Grounds, which he held for five years, much of his scientific work being done during excursions from this point. Afterwards he became trader and accountant at Fort Simpson, and was for two years in charge of the Mackenzie River district.

The wooded knoll or hillock lay at the mouth of this brook, and being the only elevated spot in the neighbourhood, besides having the largest trees growing on it, had been selected by the accountant as a convenient place for "camping out" on, when he visited his traps in winter, and happened to be either too late or disinclined to return home.

"Your opinion based on your experience." "They are, as I said just now, absolutely rotten!" declared Nettleton. "It is now seven years since I came to this place as Borough Accountant. I found that under an ancient charter the whole of the financial business of the borough was in the hands of a small body known as the Town Trustees, three only in number.

His letters to Carlyle show how painstaking, how methodical, how punctual he was in the business which interested his distant friend. He was not fond of figures, and it must have cost him a great effort to play the part of an accountant.

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