I am not cruell; pay me my first Bond Of marriage, which you seald to, & I free you And shall with Joy run flying to your armes. All. Law you? Mac. That's easy enough. Hen. Rackes, Gibbetts, wheeles make sausages of my flesh first! Ile be ty'd to no man's Strumpet. Alq. Then you muste look to dye. Mac. Lady, withdraw. Hen. Well, if I doe, somebody shall packe. Ele.

"Sd hugh beeing asked whethar hee did not say hee had made a Contract with ye deuell five years senc with his heart and signed to ye deuells book and then seald it with his bloud which Contract was to serve ye deuell and the deuell to serve him he saith he did say so and sayd he ded so and wret his name and sealed ye Contract with his bloud and that he had ever since been practising Eivel against every man: hee also sayd ye deuell opned ye dore of eben booths hous made it fly open and ye gate fly open being asked how he could tell he sayd he deuell apeered to him like a boye and told him hee ded make them fly open and then ye boye went out of his sight.

Mounseiur Barnavelt, Will ye confes yet freely your bad practises And lay those Instruments open to the World, Those bloody and bold Instruments you wrought by? Mercy may sleepe awhile but never dyes, Sir. Bar. I have spoake all I can, and seald that all With all I have to care for now, my Conscience. More I beseech your honours Or. Take your pleasure. Vand.

This request at the first was seald with a kisse, and the popes edict without delaye proclaimed throughout Rome, namely, that all foreskinne clippers whether male or female belonging to the old Jurie, should depart and auoyde vpon payne of hanging within twentie dayes after the date thereof.