The abolition of tyrannical laws has left the administration of justice not only unimpaired, but purified. Dead and buried creeds have not carried down with them the essential morality they contained, which still exists, uncontaminated by the sloughs of superstition.

What does it signify how I spelt the word cholera, so long as the efficacy of the medicine is unimpaired?" Now, was not that delightful? In the same way the doctrines of the sages are mere gibberish to women and children who cannot understand them.

For some days past Thomas had been labouring under depression, his power of devouring pemmican had, it is true, remained unimpaired, but in one or two trying moments of toil, in rapids and portages, he had been found miserably wanting; he had, in fact, shown many indications of utter uselessness; he had also begun to entertain gloomy apprehensions of what the French would do to him when they caught him on the Lake of the Woods, and although he endeavoured frequently to prove that under certain circumstances the French would have no chance whatever against him, yet, as these circumstances were from the nature of things never likely to occur, necessitating, in the first instance, a presumption that Thomas would show fight, he failed to convince not only his hearers, but himself, that he was not in a very bad way.

O thou son of Latona, grant me to enjoy my acquisitions, and to possess my health, together with an unimpaired understanding, I beseech thee; and that I may not lead a dishonorable old age, nor one bereft of the lyre. We are called upon.

Fitzpiers." "Oh yes, ma'am Mrs. Fitzpiers," said Suke, with a peculiar smile. Grace, not to be daunted, continued: "Take care of your teeth, Suke. That accounts for the toothache." "Nor the loss of one, either?" "See for yourself, ma'am." She parted her red lips, and exhibited the whole double row, full up and unimpaired. "You have never had one drawn?" "Never."

But whilst I observe with peculiar satisfaction the fortitude with which so many privations have been borne, and the active benevolence which has been employed to mitigate them, I am persuaded that the great sources of our national prosperity are essentially unimpaired; and I entertain a confident expectation that the native energy of the country will at no distant period surmount all the difficulties in which we are involved."

For before what is sudden, unexpected, and least within calculation, the spirit quails; and putting all else aside, the plague has certainly been an emergency of this kind. Born, however, as you are, citizens of a great state, and brought up, as you have been, with habits equal to your birth, you should be ready to face the greatest disasters and still to keep unimpaired the lustre of your name.

His faculties remained unimpaired throughout his serene and beautiful old age, until the end was very near then, one evening his daughter found him with a look of inexpressible delight on his face, when he said to her "I have had such a great pleasure!

We were even almost persuaded that war would one day cease for lack of soldiers, that is to say, of men foolish enough or unhappy enough to risk the only absolute realities health, physical comfort, an unimpaired body and, above all, life, the greatest of earthly possessions for the sake of an ideal which, like all ideals, is more or less invisible.

"And do you know that you are giving me the sweetest drop of all, today?" said Fordham, giving one shy, fervent kiss to the hand that clasped the arm of the chair just as sounds of ascending steps caused them to start asunder and go their separate ways. 'Tis true bright hours together told, And blissful dreams in secret shared, Serene or solemn, gay or bold, Still last in fancy unimpaired. Keble.