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No one would respect him, and he would not even have any respect for himself. "I won't back out!" he said, resolving to do the best he could. Very pleasant were the days. Spring had come with its sunshine and flowers. The birds were in their old haunts, the larks in the meadows, the partridges in the woods, the quails in the fields.

He had a guest to-day, and the spit turned more heavily than usual. Roast partridges, flanked with quails and flanking a larded leveret; boiled fowls; hams, fried and sprinkled with white wine, cardons of Guipuzcoa and la bisque ecrevisses: these, together with soups and hors d'oeuvres, constituted the governor's bill of fare.

It is a proverb that nothing moves men like tales of eloquence and heroism. Historians and poets alike believe that stories of bravery and anecdotes of heroes exert a profound influence upon young hearts. Here is Socrates. His judges condemn him to the jail and poison. Socrates quails not, and says: "At what price would one not estimate one night of noble conference with Homer and Hesiod?

Quails and curlews are plentiful, but very shy. The owls, which have very handsome plumage, make a noise like one man calling to another, and they pronounce the word "yaho" very distinctly. Many of the smaller birds have a most melodious note, and their plumage is very beautiful.

Is there no better fun? Let us have a quail-fight, Khan." The Khan rose to order in the quails. The King gazed on Nuna with languid satiety. "I wonder how she would look, Europe-fashion." "Nothing is easier, Sire, than to see how she would look," said the Khan, as he returned with the quails.

The people, however, said: "Thou are only trying to soothe us; God cannot grant our wish." But they erred vastly, for hardly had the pious among them retired to their tents, when upon the godless, who had remained in the open, came down quails in masses as thick as snowflakes, so that many more were kill by the descent of the quails than later by the tasting of them.


"I see how it is," he said in a hoarse voice. "The Lord has de-ceaved me to punish me. It is the public-house. Ye cannot serve God and mammon. What's gained on the devil's back is lost under his belly. I thought I was a child of God, but the deceitfulness of riches has choked the word. Ugh cha nee! Ugh cha nee! My prosperity has been like the quails, only given with the intent of choking me.

"Well, well," replied the reporter, "man is never perfect, nor contented." "Now," said Pencroft, "I hope that Neb will distinguish himself. Look here! These two little peccaries are not more than three months old! They will be as tender as quails! Come along, Neb, come! I will look after the cooking myself."

Ah, but you will find as you go through life, that always you are not only better, but happier, with God's blessing on the thing you don't like, than without it on the thing you do. Ay, it always turns to ashes in your mouth when you will have the quails instead of the manna.