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I'll mak her my wife at aince; I swear it again before ye. 'I'll haud ye to it, mind, said the Minister gravely; then he inquired thoughtfully, 'What wull ye do by way o' further recompense for being saved the nicht? He paused.

A red stream was running slowly from his chin; his head was bare, and face working. James Moore stood eyeing him with some pity and some contempt. Behind was Tammas, enjoying the scene. While Sam'l regarded them all with an impassive melancholy. M'Adam turned and bent over Red Wull, who still lay like a dead thing.

She received Quentin Dick, to whom she was well known, with a mixture of goodwill and quiet dignity. "I've brought a freend o' Mr. Black's to bide wi' ye for a wee while, if ye can take him in," said Quentin, introducing his young companion as "Wull Wallace."

"Weel, ye're wiser than I thought ye." For a long time they sat in silence, until at last Ellen took up the letter to read it again, and began with the date at the head. "Jean," she cried, holding it out to her sister and pointing to the date with shaking finger. "Wull ye look at that noo! Are we both daft? It's no possible for him to ha' gotten there before that letter was written to Hester.

The little man rose to his feet and flung the photograph from him. Red Wull pounced upon it; but M'Adam leapt at him as he mouthed it. "Git awa', ye devil!" he screamed; and, picking it up, stroked it lovingly with trembling fingers. "Maither and father baith!" How had he fulfilled his love's last wish? How! "Oh God!

"Hegh, sir, now you ha' the bra' time before you, you maun e'en try and be as geud as he. And if life last, ye wull too; for there never waur a bad ane of that stock. Wi' heads kindly stup'd to the least, and lifted manfu' oop to the heighest, that ye all war' sin ye came from the Ark.

At the rear the stretcher-bearers marched, the rolled-up stretchers upon their shoulders; but even so, by various dark stains and marks upon that dingy canvas, I knew that here was a company that had done and endured much. Close by me was a man whose hairy knee was black with dried blood to him I tentatively proffered my cigarette case. "Wull ye hae one the noo?" I questioned.

And his employer wull say he's sorry, maybe, but he canna afford to pay Jock more wages, because the cost of, diamonds such as his wife would be wearing has gone up, and gasolene for his motor car is more expensive, and silk shirts cost more. Oh, aye I ken he'll no be telling Jock that, but those wull be his real reasons, for a' that! Noo, what's Jock to do? He can quit oh, aye!

"It sticks til him only in sic minds as never saw the lovely greatness o' God." "But sic bairns come na intil the warl as God wad hae them come!" "But your bairnie is come, and that he couldna withoot the creatin wull o' the Father!

When they arrived Malcolm was shown into the drawing-room, where Mrs. Stewart met him with red eyes. "Will you come and see my poor boy?" she said. "I wull du that, mem. Is he verra ill?" "Very. I'm afraid he is in a bad way." She led him to a dark, old-fashioned chamber, rich and gloomy.

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