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Annie had got safe on the high seat of the wagon, and was balancing her little feet on the inclined foot-rest, when a woman came running across the street, calling aloud, "Mr. Lancy! Mr. Lancy! You're not going to drive away without introducing me to your wife!" She was a thin little woman, with movements as nervous and as graceless as those of a grasshopper.

Dion thought that he would be unchivalrous if he now neglected to make a point of speaking to Mrs. Clarke and of introducing his wife to her. Having made up his mind on this he turned to follow Mrs. Clarke, and at once saw that Esme Darlington, that smoother of difficult social places, was before him. A little way off he saw Mr.

Where culture was more advanced, as in Greece and parts of Italy, she looked to introduce, and no doubt succeeded in introducing, the best of her own productions, fabrics of crimson, violet, and purple, painted vases, embossed paterae, necklaces, bracelets, rings "cunning work" of all manner of kinds mirrors, glass vessels, and smelling-bottles.

Now it was a servant, guilty of absence without leave, who was bound to a stake in the presence of his sister, and destroyed by a cannon placed six paces off, but only loaded with powder, in order to prolong the agony; now, a Christian accused of having tried to blow up Janina by introducing mice with tinder fastened to their tails into the powder magazine, who was shut up in the cage of Ali's favourite tiger and devoured by it.

Weston, whose marriages taking them from Hartfield, had, indeed, made a melancholy change: but she was not going from Hartfield; she should be always there; she was introducing no change in their numbers or their comforts but for the better; and she was very sure that he would be a great deal the happier for having Mr. Knightley always at hand, when he were once got used to the idea.

Westerdale, said Mother Manikin, introducing Rosalie. But Rosalie needed no introduction. She shook hands with the old man, and then darted out of the room, and in another minute returned with her small bag, which she had left upstairs.

"Let us wait until evening, and then you shall hear my adventures; now let me pay my respects to your wife." While he was introducing himself to Mrs. Middleton, Katy went back to the kitchen, whither the news had preceded her, causing Bob in his joy to turn several somersaults.

We have thus the units at the one end of the scale, and the thousands at the other; it remains only to interpose the tens and hundreds between them, by introducing a florin as the tenth of a pound, and a cent equal to 2-1/2d. nearly as the tenth of the florin.

"Permit me to have the honor of introducing myself," he began, bowing to Prince Shadursky; "I am Ivanovitch Valyajnikoff. Mr. Sergei Antonovitch Kovroff was so good as to inform me of a certain intention of yours about the dust. So, if your excellency has not changed your mind, I am ready to sell it to you with pleasure."

"Good-evening, Mr. Fletcher," said Harry. "Evening!" ejaculated Fitz, briefly; and without a look at the low "printer-boy," he closed the door and went down stairs. "I am afraid your friend won't thank you for introducing me to him," said Harry, after Fitz had left the room. "Fitz is a snob," said Oscar. "He makes himself ridiculous by putting on airs, and assuming to be more than he is.

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