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"Oh!" she said, with a long, deep-drawn sigh, as if that were the supreme moment of her life. "And are you really from Altruria? It seems too good to be true!" Her devout look and her earnest tone gave the commonplace words a quality that did not inhere in them, but Mrs. Makely took them on their surface. "Yes, doesn't it?" she made haste to interpose, before the Altrurian could say anything.

However, we thought it as well to make the most of our time; and accordingly, where the ground would admit of it, we ran swiftly along the summit of the ridge, until we were brought to a stand by a steep cliff, which at first seemed to interpose an effectual barrier to our farther advance.

"Pray do nothing of the sort," said Mr. Adair. "I would trust my Pearl's instinct anywhere. She would never make an unsuitable friend!" "Margaret has written to me herself," said Lady Caroline. "She seems unusually excited about the matter. 'Dear mother, she writes, 'pray interpose to prevent Miss Polehampton from doing an unjust and ungenerous thing.

Really, I do not wonder, upon his own showing, at the savages preferring them to him; and I was pleased to hear the old white-headed minister gently interpose at the end of one of his tirades "We must not be jealous, my brother, if the Establishment has discovered what we, I hope, shall find out some day, that it is not wise to draft our missionaries from the offscouring of the ministry, and serve God with that which costs us nothing except the expense of providing for them beyond seas."

Questions, exclamations, and anecdotes followed. "It's a long time since we have seen you," observed Lenotchka simply, "and Varvara Pavlovna we have seen nothing of either." "Well, no wonder!" her brother hastened to interpose. "I carried you off to Petersburg, and Fedor Ivanitch has been living all the time in the country." "Yes, and mamma died soon after then."

At last Paul made inquiries concerning him and found he was the most desperate character in all that section of country a killer who had more than one murder to his account and who had the citizens of the town so terrorized that they were afraid to interpose any objections to his conduct.

Some of the company attempted to interpose a word or two in favour of Lord Craiglethorpe's timidity, but the vivacious and merciless lady went on. "I tell you, my good friends, it is not timidity it is all pride.

It will supersede the telegraph, the telephone, the cable, and wireless telegraphy. It will serve every demand, public and private. Distance will interpose no obstacle or difficulty, for thought overcomes space and time. We are spiritual beings here and now. We are living in a spiritual universe.

She had heard of him, of course, as a financial great power, and she had no idea she had lived mostly among people of artistic or literary propensities how much soulless inhumanity that might involve. For all I know, she has no adequate idea of it to this day. When I first heard of the affair the mischief was done, and I knew better than to interpose my unsought opinions.

As for books that are not books, as Milton bade us do with 'neat repasts of wine, she wisely spared to interpose them oft. Her standards of knowledge were those of the erudite and the savant, and even in the region of beauty she was never content with any but definite impressions.

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