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Finally he began tentatively: "I say, Miss Wyatt, do er the young ladies spend much time playing with dolls?" "No," said Patty, candidly; "I don't think you could say they spend too much. I have never heard of but one girl actually neglecting her work for it. You mustn't think that we have as many dolls as this here every night," she went on. "It is rather an unusual occurrence.

Next he backed away and wrenched tentatively at the halter until convinced that the throat strap was thoroughly sound. His last effort must have been an inspiration. Attacking the taut buckskin rope with his teeth he worked diligently until he had severed three of the four strands. Then he gathered himself for another lunge.

Meantime it had grown so dark that the dull glow of the stove was beginning to outline a faint halo on the ceiling even while it plunged the further lines of shelves behind the counter into greater obscurity. "Time to light up, Harkutt, ain't it?" said Wingate, tentatively.

"Sometimes," she added, "I think it's just flightiness and sometimes I think it's because, at heart, she despises the things she's trying for. And it's the difficulty of deciding that makes her such an interesting study." She glanced tentatively at Selden's motionless profile, and resumed with a slight sigh: "Well, all I can say is, I wish she'd give ME some of her discarded opportunities.

He threw out his sentences as though done with them; not boldly, not defiantly, least of all, tentatively, he spoke with a certainty and force that came from a knowledge that he could compel, rather than induce his hearers to believe. It took a little nerve to shut him off; Van Emmon was the one who did it.

Patricia came a step nearer to him, reaching out her hand, tentatively, and said, in her softest tone, while tears moistened her eyes: "Good-bye, and God bless you." But Morton, ignoring her extended hand, cleared the steps of the veranda at one leap, and disappeared in the darkness, toward the garage.

Then quite abruptly she laughed aloud. "Oh you can't scare me any more, you gloomy old Rattle-Pane House!" she laughed. "You're not deserted now! People are Christmasing in you! Whether you like it or not you're being Christmased!" Very tentatively she puckered her lips to a whistle. Almost instantly from the darkness ahead a dog's bark rang out, deep, sonorous, faintly suspicious.

Her eyes grew wistful as she leant nearer to see if there were any tell-tale traces of tears, then danced with sudden amusement as she picked up a powder puff and dabbed tentatively. "Oh, Gillian Locke, what would the Reverend Mother say!" she murmured, and laughed.

Then with a leap of her breath, half-sigh, half-exultation, the knowledge of what had happened to her crystallised into clear significance. In one swift, overwhelming moment of illumination she realised that the frail blossom of love which had been tentatively budding in the garden of her heart was dead withered, starved out of existence ere it had quite believed in its own reality.

"Must you go back at once?" Roger asked as he tentatively reversed the car and slowly headed for home. "I don't want to be late," she said with a sigh. "It's my first case here; I must be on my best behaviour! But I've just thought of something. Would it be very far out of our way if we went to the doctor's villa in the Route de Grasse?

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