And fair befall the summer-tide That whoso lives shall see. Face-of-god thought the song goodly, but to the others it was well known. Then said Wood-father: 'O foster-son, thy foster-brother hath sung well for a wood abider; but we are deeming that his singing shall be but as a starling to a throstle matched against thy new-come guest.

He may have thought that a cow can snort and be dignified at the one moment, and that timidity is comely in a sheep. He would have scolded the jackdaw, and tried to out-whistle the throstle, and wondered why his pipe got tired when the blackbird's didn't.

The trees are clothed with green buds and tender leaves; when I throw open my jingling casement I smell the odour of mignonette, and hear the hum of the bees from the flowers against the sunny wall, with the varied song of the throstle, and the cheerful notes of the tuneful little wren.

From the fact that the spinning-frame was driven by water, it came to be known as the water-frame; since the application of steam it has been known as the throstle. As the yarn it produced was of a much harder and firmer texture than that spun by the jenny, it was specially suited for warp, but the Lancashire manufacturers declined to make use of it.

He knew that on the highest floor a devil would tear the fiber asunder, that it would then go to the scutcher, and have the dust and dirt blown away, then that carding machines would lay all the fibers parallel, that drawing machines would group them into slender ribbons, and a roving machine twist them into a soft cord, and then that a mule or a throstle would spin the roving into yarn, and the yarn would go to the weaving-rooms, where a thousand wonderful machines would turn them into miles and miles of calico; the machines doing all the hard work, while women and girls adjusted and supplied them with the material.

Well, she had had her lesson, and in that quarter could come to no more harm. What sort of an appearance was she likely to make at Prince's Hall today? feather-headed fool! Before five o'clock the sunlight streamed into his bedroom. Sparrows twittered about the window, and somewhere close by, perhaps in a neighbour's flat, a caged throstle piped as though it were in the fields.

To take another example in the case of a mill for twisting cotton yarn into thread: In this mill there are 27 frames with 96 common throstle spindles in each, making in all 2592 spindles. The spindles turn 2200 times in a minute; the bobbins are 1-7/8 inches diameter, and the part which holds the thread is 2-3/16 inches long.

She sung like a throstle hersen, and we had practisin's night after night for a matter of three months. 'I know what a horotorio is, said Ortheris pertly. 'It's a sort of chaplain's sing-song words all out of the Bible, and hullabaloojah choruses.

The stars had paled out by this time, and the dawn was coming up like a grey vapour from the sea. "Ugh! the air feels late; I must be going in," said Kate. "Only a bit of a draught from the mountains it's not morning yet," said Pete. A bird called from out of the mist somewhat far away. "It is, though. That's the throstle up the glen," said Kate. Another bird answered from the eaves of the house.

Which air is that? asked Leopold Bloom. All is lost now. Richie cocked his lips apout. A low incipient note sweet banshee murmured: all. A thrush. A throstle. His breath, birdsweet, good teeth he's proud of, fluted with plaintive woe. Is lost. Rich sound. Two notes in one there. Blackbird I heard in the hawthorn valley. Taking my motives he twined and turned them.