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"Poor dear Ralph! it is sad indeed that he should have to live in so dark a hole." Henry laughed. "If no worse fate befall him, I do not think that he should be unhappy," he answered. We were all introduced to Captain Seaford, who had come on board to visit the ship only, and we found that he was going on shore again, and that she would after all not leave the docks for a couple of days.

As yet I had not made myself known to the patriot commanders, having my hands and heart full with the care of poor Tybee, who was grievously hurt, and being in a measure indifferent to what should befall me. But now as we were about to march I was dragged before the committee of colonels and put to the question.

At Daunia they were joined by the legions of Servilius that had marched down from Ariminum; and, at every point, contingents of the allies poured in, until even the most timid began to believe it impossible that disaster could befall, and grew first confident, then defiant, then boastful. To the mind of the dictator himself, however, came no such change.

And thus spake I often to myself for consolation: "Courage! Cheer up! old heart! An unhappiness hath failed to befall thee: enjoy that as thy happiness!" This, however, is mine other manly prudence: I am more forbearing to the VAIN than to the proud. Is not wounded vanity the mother of all tragedies? Where, however, pride is wounded, there there groweth up something better than pride.

"Then the heavens have declared a lie," said Leo contemptuously. "That is as you will," answered Atene; "but so it must befall, not by my hand or those of my servants, but by yours. And then?" "Why by mine? Why not by Holly's? Yet, if so, then doubtless I shall suffer the punishment of my crime at the hands of his mourning widow," he replied exasperated.

Should the day befall a year hence ten years hence we were ready to wait. Day after day we discussed our little plans, with Hetty for our confidante. On our drives we spied out pretty cottages that we thought might suit young people of small means; we devised all sorts of delightful schemes and childish economies. We were Strephon and Chloe to be sure. A cot and a brown loaf should content us!

If such a calamity were to befall me, I should endeavour to divert my grief by improving some beautiful estates of mine in such and such a province;" and he thereupon gave a description of three or four fine seats.

The strong wine which I had drunk led me to seat myself in it and it was drawn up with me into this house, and this is my story. She rejoined, 'No harm shall befall thee, and I hope thou wilt have cause to praise the issue of thine adventure. Then she added, 'But what is thy condition? I said, 'A merchant in the Baghdad bazar' and she, 'Canst thou repeat any verses? 'Some small matter, quoth I. Quoth she 'Then call a few to mind and let us hear some of them. But I said, 'A visitor is bashful and timid; do thou begin. 'True, replied she and recited some verses of the poets, past and present, choosing their choicest pieces; and I listened not knowing whether more to marvel at her beauty and loveliness or at the charm of her style of declamation.

And, moreover, there was another thing that held me back: I could not bear to rush away so suddenly from my companion. It seemed to me that if I deserted her then, I should never see that woman more; and rather than that should befall, I was prepared to brave anything.

"It is impossible to foresee the decrees of Time," said the Baron de B , "and tell what may, or may not befall this country; but all I hope, is, that my present sovereign may live for many long years to come, his life being a guarantee of peace to Denmark, and his death the beginning of disaffection." "Do you think, Baron," observed Mr.