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Ib. I am sure St. Gregory was so far from suspecting that he should be charged with Tritheism upon this account, that he fences against another charge of mixing and confounding the 'Hypostases' or Persons, by denying any difference or diversity of nature, [Greek: hôs ek tou m

For usually when God gives up men, and resolves to let them alone in the broad way, he gives them rope, and lets them have their desires in all hurtful things; Hos. ii. 6-15; Psalm lxxiii. 3-13; Rom. xi. 9.

+219+. Popular festivities easily pass into license; examples are the Roman Saturnalia and the Hindu Holi ; the harvest festival of the Hos of Northeastern India is a debauch, and with it is connected the expulsion of evil spirits an example of the coalescence of festivals. +220+. Ceremonies of a serious character occur in connection with the eating of the first fruits of the year.

Remember, therefore, it is not enough to cleanse the house of the Lord, but you must be humbled for your former defilements wherewith it was polluted. It is not enough that England say with Ephraim in one place, “What have I to do any more with idols?” Hos. xiv. 8.

"I will not execute the fierceness of my wrath, I will not return to destroy Ephraim; for I am God and not man;" Hos. xi. 9. This is not the manner of men; men are shorter winded; men are soon moved to take vengeance, and to right themselves in a way of wrath and indignation. But God is full of grace, full of patience, ready to forgive, and one that delights in mercy. All this is seen in our text.

Vltima ad Occasum est Mauritania; in qua praecipua gens Maurorum, unde nomen regioni. Hos Graeci Maurusios dixerunt.

"'Centum fronte oculos, centum cervice gerebat Argus, et hos unus saepe fefellit amor." But there was something about Myrtle, he hardly knew whether to call it dignity, or pride, or reserve, or the mere habit of holding back brought about by the system of repression under which she had been educated, which kept even the old Master of Arts at his distance.

Let the shade of blind Homer be called up to say whether the bard who composed the tremendous line "Surgit ad hos clypei dominus septemplicis Ajax" equal to any save ONE of his own, was a mere amatory songster. Yet, diversified as the genius of the Roman was, there is no species of poetry in which he shone in which the Welshman may not be said to display equal merit.

Hope, Anglicani, quem ipse comes Monachio Romam venientem mihi commendaverat. Ipsum tunc et iterum et tertio Romam intra hos tres annos venientem videram saepius, et semper vicinior mihi visus fuerat regno Dei. Nuper tandem cessit gratiae. Alleluja! Given in a letter of Count Senfft's to Mr. J. R. Hope, Esq., Q.C. to the Right Hon. W. E. Gladstone, M.P. 14 Curzon Street: June 18, '51.

True it is, that the future discoverer of the termination of the Niger, must erect the structure of his fame on the wide foundation, with which his great predecessor had already occupied the ground; but although the edifice will owe its very existence to the labours of Park, yet another name than his is now recorded on the finished pile; Hos ego feci, tulit alter honores.

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