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After the prayer; Ite Missa est, Alleluja, Alleluja, is sung; and the choir answers, Deo gratias Alleluja, Alleluja: the Pope gives the usual blessing, the Celebrant publishes the indulgence of thirty years and this beautiful service terminates. The Cardinals put on red mantellette and mozzette over their purple cassocks; these they afterwards change for others of scarlet.

The basso sings an aria, and a grand chorus, "Alleluja!" ends this most remarkable performance. There was no delay nor interruption throughout. Not the sound of a hammer nor the whisper of a prompter was ever heard. There was no applause whatever from the audience until the end, and then it seemed to come from the strangers.

They consist of the anthem Alleluja repeated three times before and after the short psalm Laudate Dominion omnes gentes etc.; of the anthem Vesper autem sabbati, which the Celebrant commences and the choir continues; of the Magnificat and in fine of the prayer which is chanted by the Card. Celebrant.

The myriads of heaven will be found countless as are the sands upon the sea-shore, and the harmony of their worship shall swell like the voice of many waters and mighty thunderings, saying, 'Alleluja, for the Lord God omnipotent reigneth. What! Satan stronger than the Almighty Redeemer? Perish the thought.

If all parties unite in approbation of the illumination of the cupola of S. Peter's, and of the fireworks of S. Angelo, considered as outward demonstrations of the exultation of the church at the resurrection of her Divine Spouse; we shall ever admire also the expressions of christian feeling exhibited in the interior of her temples, whether they consist in ceremonies or words; and on this day emulating the transports of joy of the fervent and eloquent pilgrim to Jerusalem and Mount Sinai, when shall unite our voices with those of the angelic spirits in singing, Alleluja; "because Jesus Christ, our Lord, who was delivered up for our sins, rose again for our justification". Rome.

Alleluja Vespers end of the mass: mass of Pope Marcellus Ceremonies at S. John Laterans. Blessing of the font: baptistery baptism of adults litanies and confirmation mass and ordination Armenian catholics their liturgy; and high mass on Easter-eve reflections Conclusion. "But now Christ is risen from the dead, the first-fruits of them that sleep". 1 Cor.

Hope, Anglicani, quem ipse comes Monachio Romam venientem mihi commendaverat. Ipsum tunc et iterum et tertio Romam intra hos tres annos venientem videram saepius, et semper vicinior mihi visus fuerat regno Dei. Nuper tandem cessit gratiae. Alleluja! Given in a letter of Count Senfft's to Mr. J. R. Hope, Esq., Q.C. to the Right Hon. W. E. Gladstone, M.P. 14 Curzon Street: June 18, '51.

De harvest am a ripenin' our Lord an' Marser say! Oh! ho! yo! dat ole coon, de serpent, ho! oh! Watch an' pray!" I have heard them sing such medleys with tears in their eyes, apparently fervid and rapt. A very gray old man would lead off, keeping time to the words with his head and hands; the mass joining in at intervals, and raising a screaming alleluja.

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