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Mansi, viii. 438. Mansi, viii. 441. Indiculus quem acceperunt legati Apostolicæ Sedis. It much resembles the former one, given to the legates sent to Anastasius. Photius, i. 148. Mansi, viii. 451. In qua est integra Christianæ religionis et perfecta soliditas. Suggestio Germani et Joannis episcoporum, Felicis et Dioscori diaconorum, et Blandi presbyteri. Mansi, viii. 453.

Those that go to the limit and reject the whole scheme of democracy are in still worse plight for they have no alternative to offer except a restored monarchy, and this, the terminus ad quem of their logic, their courage will not permit them to avow.

But the great trial of his virtue was yet to come. The main object of our trip down the River of Barks the terminus ad quem of the expedition, so to speak was a bear. Now the bear as an object of the chase, at least in Canada, is one of the most illusory of phantoms. The manner of hunting is simple.

Its prosperity, its integrity, nay its existence as a first-rate power, hangs by a thread, and that thread but little better and stronger than a cotton one. Quem Deus vult perdere prius dementat. I look in vain for that constitutional vigour, and intellectual power, which once ruled the destinies of this great nation.

The Soul must be filled with bright and delightful Idaeas, when it undertakes to communicate delight to others, which is the main end of Poesie. One may see through the stile of Ovid de Trist., the humbled and dejected condition of Spirit with which he wrote it; there scarce remains any footstep of that Genius, Quem nec Jovis ira, nec ignes, etc.

Nothing is ruled out so long as it can be pinned down at any moment to what is real, to what is individual. "Demonstration in the last resort" is to the senses. Contemned though they may be by some thinkers, these sensations are the mother-earth, the anchorage, the stable rock, the first and last limits, the terminus a quo and the terminus ad quem of the mind.

"What a grand singer!" exclaimed Vaura, as they with one consent, deserted the carriage. It was a Christmas anthem, "Regina coeli loetare, alleluia, quia quem meruisti portare, alleluia, etc." "'Tis a beautiful spot, and a great and rich voice," said Lady Esmondet; "I wonder if petticoats are admitted."

"Exortum est subinde ex Hebridibus bellum duce Donaldo Hebridiano injuria a gubernatore affecto. Nam Wilhelmus comes Rossensis filius Hugonis, is quem praelio ad Halidounhil periisse supra memoratum est, duas habuit filias, quarum natu maiorem Waltero Leslie viro nobilissimo coniugem dedit una cum Rossiae comitatu. Walterus susceptis ex ea filio Alexandro nomine, quem comitem Rossiae fecit, et filia, quam Donaldo Hebridiano uxorem dedit, defunctus est. Alexander ex filia Roberti gubernatoris, quam duxerat, unam duntaxat filiam reliquit, Eufemiam nomine, quae admodum adhuc adolescentula erat, dum pater decederet, parumque rerum perita. Eam gubernator [Albany], blanditiis an minis incertum, persuasam induxit, ut resignato in ipsum comitatu Rossensi, ab eo rursum reciperet his legibus, ut si ipsa sine liberis decederet, ad filium eius secundo natum rediret. Quod si neque ille masculam prolem reliquisset, tum Robertus eius frater succederet, ac si in illo quoque defecisset soboles, tum ad regem rediret Rossia. Quibus astute callideque peractis haud multo post Eufemia adhuc virgo moritur, ut ferebatur, opera gubernatoris sublata, ut ad filium comitatus veniret. Ita Ioannes, quum antea Buthquhaniae comes fuisset Rossiae comitatum acquisivit, et unicam tantum filiam reliquit, quam Willelmus

This had no sooner mentioned the discovery of a stolen child, and had uttered the word strawberry, than Mr Wilson, with wildness in his looks, and the utmost eagerness in his words, begged to be shewed into the room, where he entered without the least regard to any of the company but Joseph, and, embracing him with a complexion all pale and trembling, desired to see the mark on his breast; the parson followed him capering, rubbing his hands, and crying out, Hic est quem quaeris; inventus est, &c.

"Cornelium Tacitum, cum venerit, observabo penes me occulte. Scio enim omnem illam cantilenam, et unde exierit, et per quem, et quis eum vendicet. Sed nil dubites, non exibit a me ne verbo quidem."