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"Cur non ut plenus vita; conviva recedis?" "If you have not known how to make the best use of it, if it was unprofitable to you, what need you care to lose it, to what end would you desire longer to keep it? "'Cur amplius addere quaeris, Rursum quod pereat male, et ingratum occidat omne?

He then turns his thoughts on every side, in quest of something that may solace or amuse him: he proposes happiness to himself, first in one scene and then in another: and at last finds that nothing will satisfy: Jam neque Hamodryades rursum, nec carmina nobis Ipsa placent: ipsoe rursum concedite sylvae.

Ex tunc igitur videns Soltanus, quod post tanta quae acciderant exercitibus nostris, imperium nostrum, sicut oportunum erat, rem huiusmodi dispensauit, vt ipsum rursum inuaderet: mittens supplicauit imperio nostro, et deprecatorijs vsus est sermonibus, et requisiuit pacem illius, promittens omnem imperij nostri adimplere voluntatem, et seruitium suum contra omnem hominem dare, et omnes qui in regno suo tenebantur captiuos absoluere, et esse ex toto voluntatis nostrae.

'In amore haec omnia insunt vitia: injuriae, Suspiciones, inimicitiae, induciae, Bellum, pax rursum ... Ter. Eun. Upon looking over the Letters of my female Correspondents, I find several from Women complaining of jealous Husbands, and at the same time protesting their own Innocence; and desiring my Advice on this Occasion.

No. 131. Ipsae rursum concedite sylvae. VIRG. Ecl. x. ver. 63. Once more, ye woods, adieu. It is usual for a man who loves country-sports to preserve the game on his own grounds, and divert himself upon those that belong to his neighbour.

Tuesday, July 31, 1711. Addison. ... Ipsae rursum concedite Sylvae. Virg. It is usual for a Man who loves Country Sports to preserve the Game in his own Grounds, and divert himself upon those that belong to his Neighbour. For these Reasons the Country Gentleman, like the Fox, seldom preys near his own Home.

Thus writes Suetonius "prægrandibus oculis, qui, quod mirum esset, noctu etiam et in tenebris, viderent, sed ad breve, et quum primum a somno patuissent; deinde rursum hebescebant." Tib. cap. lxviii. Those who are familiar with the classic historians, will see in this description no exaggeration whatever.

For, first, the paschal supper was ended, ver. 2, after which Christ washed his disciples’ feet. And thereafter we read, ver. 12, resumptis vestibus rursum ad caenam ordinariam consedisse.

If the first opinion be followed, then it will be most easily answered to Paybody, that inter coenandum instituta fuit eucharistia, cum jam rursum mensoe accubuissent. Sed post coenam paschalem, et usum agni legalis.

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