Having no other method of judging of the merits of an action, he appreciates it according to the list of killed and wounded. A merchant in toto, he computes the value of an object by what it has cost him, and imagines that what is easily and cheaply obtained cannot be of much value.

But there were no side passages, so they could not lose their way. After proceeding some distance, Toto, who had gone on ahead, began to bark loudly. They ran around a bend to see what was the matter and found a man sitting on the floor of the passage and leaning his back against the wall.

"Breakfas'll soon be ready and then you shall have your share," promised his little mistress, who was really glad to have her dog with her. She and Toto had traveled together before, and she knew he was a good and faithful comrade. When the food was cooked and served the girls invited the old shepherd to join them in their morning meal.

This seemed the best thing to do, for Dorothy was curious to see how the rabbit people lived and she was aware of the fact that her friends might frighten the timid little creatures. She had not forgotten how Toto and Billina had misbehaved in Bunbury, and perhaps the rabbit was wise to insist on their staying outside the town. "Very well," she said, "I'll go in alone.

A delightful day, with the Place full of people in strange costumes peasants, imps, jesters, who cut capers on the grass in the Park, little girls in procession, wearing costumes of fairies with gauze wings, students who paraded and blew noisy horns, even horses decorated, and now and then a dog dressed as a dancer or a soldier. He would have enjoyed dressing Toto in something or other.

Toto was to creep into the unfinished building by night, and not to leave it until he had completed his work. Tantaine, who had a thought for everything, told the boy what sort of a saw to employ, and gave him the address of a man who supplied the best class instruments. "You must remember, my dear lad," said he, "not to leave behind you any traces of your work which may cause suspicion.

The Woozy was as fond of fruit as of any other food, except honey, and the Sawhorse never ate at all. Except for their worry over Ozma they were all in good spirits as they proceeded swiftly over the plain. Toto still worried over his lost growl, but like a wise little dog kept his worry to himself. Before long the city grew nearer and they could examine it with interest.

"I deny everything connected with the business," cried I. "I disclaim it in toto, and declare that I know no more about it than the child unborn." "That is exceedingly good!" exclaimed he. "I like your pertinacity vastly!

This is one of those confounded gratuities that is forced in our faces at every turn we make. We dismiss it without further comment and with it Colonization in toto and Mr. Birney de facto. But to return to emigration: Where shall we go? We must not leave this continent; America is our destination and our home.

He was, however, much mistaken; for though outwardly Toto was the same, yet his ideas had taken an entirely new direction; and when Beaumarchef urged him to look sharp, the request was received with a great deal of sullenness. "I ain't lost no time," said he, "and have fished up a thing or two fresh; but before saying a word " He stopped, and seemed a little confused. "Well, go on."