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"No, Fanny," said he, after a pause, "I am here because I resolved to be independent: I cannot, therefore, choose dependence." "Miss Millinger is wanted instantly for rehearsal," said the little girl who acted fairies and old women, putting her head suddenly into the room. "Bless me!" cried Fanny, starting up; "is it so late? Well, I must go now. Good-bye! look in upon us do!"

"Politics are what a sergeant of police is bound to keep out of." "But hang it all," said Dr. Farelly, "fairies aren't politics." "They may or they may not be," said the sergeant. "But believe me, doctor, the men that talks about them things, fairies and all that, is the same men that's at the bottom of all the leagues in the country, and it wouldn't do for me to be countenancing them.

"So, I say, girls, let's wish now, each one of us! A great big wish! It's so still you could 'most believe there were fairies hiding 'round. I'll wish first." Gyp sprang to her feet and stood in the exact centre of the flat top of the rock. She stretched her arms outward and upward in ceremonial fashion. She cleared her throat so as to pitch a suitably sepulchral note.

But is it not wonderful that I am here in this remote and interesting and storied spot? the last retreat of the little people called fairies, the lurking-place of giants and enchanters. . . . At Stonehenge we found a few rude stones for a temple.

Again, folk suffering from falling sickness are supposed to be in that condition owing to the fatigue caused by nocturnal rides through the air with the fairies, whose steeds are bewitched rushes, blades of grass, straws, fern roots, and cabbage stalks. The latter, to be serviceable for the purpose, should be cut into the rude shapes of horses before the metamorphosis can take place.

He hears about bacteria, and these dark invisibles replace, as the cause of bad butter-making, the wicked fairies of his childhood. Watching this manager of his society he learns a new respect for the man of special or expert knowledge. Discussing the business of his association with other members he becomes something of a practical economist. He knows now where his produce goes.

The wigwam had been pitched near the Home of the Water Fairies, a name absurdly changed by the people of North Conway to Diana's Bath, and on entering he was invited to take meat. The tail of a whale was cooked and offered to him, but after he had taken it upon his knees one of the goblins exclaimed, "That is too good for a beggar like you," and snatched it away.

Then they packed their baskets and went home, feeling very tired but very happy and much pleased with the picnic. That night Betty could not go to sleep for a long, long time. She lay in bed and watched the moonbeams. "I wonder," she thought, "whether the fairies will come. I wonder whether the man in the moon is looking down at them now.

Lord Douglas married an Australian girl somewhere, somehow, and brought her to Bourke, and there were two little girls regular little fairies. She was a gentle, kind-hearted little woman, but she didn't seem to improve him much, save that he was very good to her. "It's mostly that way," commented Mitchell.

You picture the hell of your manufacture as coolly as if it were some fairies' dance!" "Should I be enthusiastic? Should I view the prospect with an old-fashioned Hussar's hurrah?" he asked. "The right way is without illusions. Let us lose our heads, cry out for glory and then chaos!"

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