The populace gathered in formidable numbers a thousand from Hawick alone; they were sad blackguards, and the day passed with much clamour and no mischief. Henry Scott was re-elected for the last time, I suppose. Troja fuit. I left the burgh in the midst of abuse and the gentle hint of "Burke Sir Walter." Much obliged to the brave lads of Jeddart.

Prunelloes have scarce any laxative quality: these are mild grateful refrigerants, and, by being occasionally kept in the mouth, usefully allay the thirst of hydropic persons. PUNICA Granatum. POMEGRANATE. Rind of the Fuit. L. E. D. This fruit has the general qualities of the other sweet summer fruits, allaying heat, quenching thirst, and gently loosening the belly.

My mother, Madam, had been delivered sooner than the green bag infallibly at least by twenty knots. End of the first volume. Multitudinis imperitae non formido judicia, meis tamen, rogo, parcant opusculis in quibus fuit propositi semper, a jocis ad seria, in seriis vicissim ad jocos transire. Joan. Saresberiensis, Episcopus Lugdun. Great wits jump: for the moment Dr.

Well, happily, we know the opinion of Molière: La parfaite raison fuit toute extrémité, Et veut que l'on soit sage avec sobriété. Did ever Frenchmen sympathize absolutely with Don Quixote?

The admiration of a beautiful woman, though the wife of our dearest friend, may at first perhaps be innocent, but let us not flatter ourselves it will always remain so; desire is sure to succeed; and wishes, hopes, designs, with a long train of mischiefs, tread close at our heels. In affairs of this kind we may most properly apply the well-known remark of nemo repente fuit turpissimus.

I have seen a hundred hares escape out of the very teeth of the greyhounds: "Aliquis carnifici suo superstes fuit." "Multa dies, variusque labor mutabilis nevi Rettulit in melius; multos alterna revisens Lusit, et in solido rursus fortuna locavit."

He next proceeded to inspect his hack, which, with more quartos than a real and more blemishes than the steed of Gonela, that "tantum pellis et ossa fuit," surpassed in his eyes the Bucephalus of Alexander or the Babieca of the Cid.

"But Kenrick puzzles me. `Nemo repente fuit turpissimus' one used to think; yet that boy has dropped from the society of such a noble fellow as Power, with his exquisite mind and manners, plumb into the abyss of intimacy with Harpour. There must be something all wrong." A very little observation showed Mr Percival that his conjectures about Kenrick were correct.

Now concerning the times that came after this shameful treason at Paris, I have no joy to write. The King's counsellors, as their manner was, ever hankered after a peace with Burgundy, and they stretched the false truce that was to have ended at Christmas to Easter Day, "pacem clamantes quo non fuit pax." For there was no truce with the English, who took St.

Naudé, in recording the censures of De Thou, "Verum extremæ amentiæ fuit, imo impiæ audaciæ, astrorum commentitiis legibus verum astrorum dominum velle subjicere.