From the eyes of Agni sprang the twin Aswins endued with great beauty of person. At last, from his ears, sprang all the Prajapatis. The Rishis sprang from the pores of Agni's body. From his sweat sprang Chhandas, and from his strength sprang Mind.

Kings should be served with regardful care, even as Agni and other gods; and he that is disloyal to his sovereign, is certainly destroyed by him. Renouncing anger, and pride, and negligence, it behoveth a man to follow the course directed by the monarch.

His celestial car decked with gold, given unto him by Agni, is impenetrable in every part, and his steeds also, O hero, are endued with the speed of the mind. His celestial standard, bearing the blazing Ape, is exceedingly wonderful. Again, Krishna, who is Creator of the universe, protects that car. Though inferior to Arjuna in respect of these things, I still desire to fight with him.

Thou Agni of the Daylings, bid the Folk choose them another duke if so they will." Said Agni: "Good is this which our War-duke hath spoken; say then, men of the Mark, who shall stand with Thiodolf to lead you against the aliens?"

The chief of these deities were Agni, the fire; Prithivi, the earth; Ushas, the dawn; Mitra, or Surya, the sun; Indra, the sky; Maruts, the storm-winds; and Varuna, the All-Surrounder. To these deities sacrifice was offered and prayer addressed; but they had no priests or temples these came in later ages, when men thought they had need of others to stand between them and God.

And like unto a she-elephant running after her young one, the princess possessed of large eyes followed that hero advancing with hasty steps like unto an elephant with rent temples. And beholding him from a distance, the prince himself said, 'With thee as his charioteer, Dhananjaya the son of Kunti had gratified Agni at the Khandava forest and subjugated the whole world!

It animates everything not only fire in general, Agni, but also the seven forms of flame, the wood that lights it, the ten fingers of the sacrificing priest, the prayer itself, and even the railing surrounding the altar. This is one example among many others.

The wise monarch, hearing the words of those utterers of Brahma, was delighted at heart, and said, 'Be it so. The king craved a boon of the illustrious fire-god as the marriage dower, 'Do thou, O Agni, deign to remain always with us here. 'Be it so' said the divine Agni to that lord of Earth.

The fierce arrows shot from the Gandiva, endued with great energy and furnished with vulturine wings, can pierce even mountains. The destroyer of all, named Yama, and Vayu, and the horse-faced Agni, leave some remnant behind, but Dhananjaya inflamed with wrath never doth so. As thou hadst, aided by thy uncle, played at dice in the assembly so do fight in this battle protected by Suvala's son.

The great mother-god, Venus, Urania, quivers and thrills as she holds forth her offspring the angel, the young Eros of life eternal. Meditate thereon, as the last of the triune God. He who vibrates in pain will quiver in ecstacy. Only those who have agonized in Hell can thrill in Heaven. "Thou art called forth to this fair sacrifice For a draught of milk; with the Maruts Come hither, O Agni!