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Femina causa fuit cur homo ruit a paradiso; Qua redit ad vitam, femina causa fuit. Femina prima parens exosa, maligna, superba; Femina virgo parens casta, benigna, pia. Quaest. ex vet. Test., 45; Migne, vol. 35, p. 2244. E.g., Tertullian, de virg. vel., 9. St. Paul of Nolan, letter 23, § 135 Migne, 61, p. 273. Id., letter 26, vol. 61, p. 732 of Migne. Cf.

To commemorate this he enlarged the accommodation for the prisoners and added a chapel. The old gate was taken down and rebuilt in 1586. That second gate was destroyed in the Fire of London. No. 83. Tuesday, June 5, 1711. Addison. ... Animum pictura pascit inani. Virg.

... Vocat ingenti clamore Cithoeron, Taygetique canes ... Virg. Those who have searched into human Nature observe that nothing so much shews the Nobleness of the Soul, as that its Felicity consists in Action. Every Man has such an active Principle in him, that he will find out something to employ himself upon in whatever Place or State of Life he is posted.

Does a second give better advice? Follow it, and success attend you! Compare Virg. Georg. To pray is simple enough, Athenians, collecting all that one desires in a short petition: but to decide, when measures are the subject of consideration, is not quite so easy; for we must choose the profitable rather than the pleasant, where both are not compatible.

Written at Winterslow Hut, January 18-19, 1821. Webster's Duchess of Malfy. Shenstone and Gray were two men, one of whom pretended live to himself, and the other really did so. Plut. of Banishment. He compares those who cannot live out of their own country to the simple people who fancied the moon of Athens was a finer moon than that of Corinth, Labentem coelo quae ducitis annum. VIRG. Georg.

In short, if they are Birds of any Parts or Capacity, she will undertake to render them so accomplish'd in the Compass of a Twelve-month, that they shall be fit Conversation for such Ladies as love to chuse their Friends and Companions out of this Species. No. 37. Thursday, April 12, 1711. Addison. ... Non illa colo calathisve Minervae Foemineas assueta manus ... Virg.

They put me in mind of several Persons mentioned in the Battles of Heroic Poems, who have sounding Names given them, for no other Reason but that they may be killed, and are celebrated for nothing but being knocked on the Head. Glaucumque, Medontaque, Thersilochumque. Virg. The Life of these Men is finely described in Holy Writ by the Path of an Arrow which is immediately closed up and lost.

Dubiae possessionis, i.e. insecure, till confirmed by limite acto promotisque praesidiis, i.e. extending the boundary and advancing the garrisons or outposts. Sinus. Extreme bend or border. Cf. note, 1. So Virg. Provinciae. A province, not any particular one. XXX. Initium inchoant. Pleonastic. So initio orto, His. 1, 76; initium coeptum, His. 2, 79; perferre toleraverit, Ann. 3, 3.

He rips it from the rack an' shows at the window as his prey comes runnin' to the rescoo of his pard: "'Oh, you! Virg Sanders! yells Silver Phil. "The second gyard looks up; an' as he does, Silver Phil gives him both bar'ls. Forty-two buckshot; an' that gyard's so clost he stops 'em all!

Cf. He did, indeed, use the cruel privileges of victory with moderation; as was said at the time, he protected his countrymen, and put to death no man who was not in arms. Yet what credit is there in this? Others used their arms more cruelly, but flung them away when glutted with blood, while he, though he soon sheathed the sword, never laid it aside. Cf. Virg.