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But an adult man consumes daily abut 14 oz. of carbon, and the determination of Boussingault, according to which a horse expires 79 oz. daily, cannot be very far from the truth.

The old central valley which existed before the eruption of 79, and continued to be distinct for long after that time, has been filled up by a smaller cone, bearing a relatively tiny crater of vent, the original wall being visible only on the eastern and northern parts of its circuit, and here only with much diminished height.

Dubiae possessionis, i.e. insecure, till confirmed by limite acto promotisque praesidiis, i.e. extending the boundary and advancing the garrisons or outposts. Sinus. Extreme bend or border. Cf. note, 1. So Virg. Provinciae. A province, not any particular one. XXX. Initium inchoant. Pleonastic. So initio orto, His. 1, 76; initium coeptum, His. 2, 79; perferre toleraverit, Ann. 3, 3.

Trees, trailers, fruits, smother the houses, and blossom and fruit all the year round; old leaves, young leaves, buds, blossom, and fruit, all appearing at once. The mercury rarely falls below 79 degrees or rises above 84 degrees. The softest and least perceptible of land and sea breezes blow alternately at stated hours. The nights are very still. The days are a tepid dream.

It is but justice to add, that it is well printed on fine paper, giving no less than 64 pages monthly, at the rate of $5 for two subscribers, or $3 for one. Edited and published by that old and tried soldier in the cause the founder of the first agricultural journal in the United States J. S. SKINNER, 79, Walnut-street, Philadelphia.

Faulkner says of Brook Green, "Here is a Roman Catholic Chapel and School called the Arke," so that this part of Hammersmith has long been connected with the Catholics. In the Blythe Road, No. 79, is a fine old house with an imposing portico, which now overlooks a dingy yard.

At eight-ten Molly Brandeis walked briskly up to the plush photograph album, whisked off its six-dollar price mark, and stuck in its place a neatly printed card bearing these figures: "To-day 79@!" The plush album went home in a farmer's wagon that afternoon. Right here there should be something said about Fanny Brandeis. And yet, each time I turn to her I find her mother plucking at my sleeve.

She meant no irreverence, no impiety as she prayed, meanwhile packing Nos. 79, 65, and 48 into her personal bag: "O Lord, let Fat Ed Meyers have Bahia; but please, please help me to land Rio and Buenos Aires!"

The aggregate effect of igneous operations during that period is far from insignificant, comprising as it does the formation of the modern cone of Vesuvius since the year 79, and the production of several minor cones in Ischia, together with that of Monte Nuovo in the year 1538.

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