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In the line of textiles, cotton and silk threads in great variety, with woven goods of all kinds from cheese-cloth to silk plush. As for paper, there is everything in white and colored, from thinnest tissue up to the heaviest asbestos, even a few newspapers being always on hand.

In another moment he was climbing the tree, and a little later he tossed down the Plush Bear, Mr. Rowe catching the toy in his hands. "Now I have him back again! Oh, I'm so glad! Now I have my Plush Bear!" cried Arthur. "I'll never let you fall out of a window again!" "I should hope not!" said Mr. Rowe, as he gave his fat son the toy.

As you observe, this woman had plush upon her sleeve, which is a most useful material for showing traces. The double line a little above the wrist, where the typewritist presses against the table, was beautifully defined.

And so the children played in the hotel with their toys, while their fathers and mothers talked together. "That Plush Bear has had many adventures," said Mrs. Rowe to Joe's mother. "He fell out of a car window, he was buried in the sand, and he was carried out to sea." Of course she knew nothing of the time he had spent in the ice igloo of the little Eskimo boy. "Yes," said Mrs.

They are, first of all, people; the pictorial element takes care of itself; sometimes even so overmastering is the realistic tendency the plush of the chair, the silk of the robe, the cut of the coat, seems, to an observer who thinks of the old traditions of Titian, of Raphael, of Moroni, unduly emphasized, even for realism. One element of modernity is a certain order of eclecticism.

The atmosphere was heavy with the smell of gas, of plush upholstery, of wilting bouquets and of sachet. A fine vapour as of the visible exhalation of many breaths pervaded the house, blurring the lowered lights and dimming the splendour of the great glass chandelier.

She really tried not to, and after some subsequent and private reassurance from Mrs. Peopping and Mrs. Keller, went for her hansom ride with a pleasant anticipation of the Park in red leaf, Mrs. Plush, in a brocade cape with ball fringe, sitting erect beside her. One day, in the presence of Mrs. Peopping, Mrs.

I was mad enough for a minute to spank her just as she stood there in them Non Plush Ultras she was so proud of. And I did let out some high talk. Mrs. Dutton told her afterward she thought sure we was having words. "'Freedom from skirts, I says, 'is the last thing your sex wants. Skirts is the final refuge of immodesty, to which women will cling like grim death.

Some of the other new toys did the same, while about them crowded the playthings that had been on the shelves and the counters for some days. "Take a look through the store," suggested the older Jumping Jack to the Plush Bear, "and then come back and we'll have some fun." The Plush Bear and the Wax Doll, who took hold of his paw, moved along through the different rooms of the toy store.

You know what it is red carpet, red plush and brocade furniture, full-length walnut mirror, battered piano on which reposes a sheet of music given away with the Sunday supplement of a city paper. A man was seated at the piano, playing. He was not playing the Sunday supplement sheet music.

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