Eadem quoque manus solet vsque hodie suae verae poenitentiae tale manifestere miraculum vt dum partes quaelibet litigantes velint vtraeque suas causas iuramento confirmare, conscriptis hinc inde causis ponantur ambae cartulae in Apostili manu.

The body of Ethelred remained undisturbed; and, many centuries afterward, some travelers who visited the spot recorded the fact that there was a monument there with this inscription: "IN HOC LOCO QUIESC'T CORPUS ETHELREDI REGIS WEST SAXONUM, MARTYRIS, QUI ANNO DOMINI DCCCLXXI., XXIII. APRILIS, PER MANUS DANORUM PAGANORUM, OCCUBUIT." Such is the commonly received opinion of the death of Ethelred.

'My opinion of death, brother, is much the same as that in the old song of Pharaoh, which I have heard my grandam sing: "Cana marel o manus chivios ande puv, Ta rovel pa leste o chavo ta romi." When a man dies, he is cast into the earth, and his wife and child sorrow over him.

Ab opposito autem praedicti fontis natatorij habetur imago lapidea, rudi et vetusto opere sculpta, deformiterque detrita, quae manus Absalon nuncupatur, cuius ratio lib. 2. Regum monstratur.

She smiled again under the handkerchief. 'Adieu, she said, and then, 'Au revoir. "Then she said once more a Latin psalm, and then laid her head down, as on a pillow. "'In manus tuas, Domine, she said." Mary Corbet stopped, and leaned forward a little, putting her hand into her bosom; Anthony looked at her as she drew up a thin silk cord with a ruby ring attached to it.

Inclyto et celebri Gerardo Mercatori, domino et amico singulari in manus proprias Duisburgi in Cliuia.

"Post larationem sine mensâ prandium," says Seneca, "post quod non sunt lavandæ manus;" that is, "after bathing, I take a prandium without sitting down to table, and such a prandium as brings after itself no need of washing the hands." No; moonshine as little soils the hands as it oppresses the stomach.

Take a pottle of good Milk, one pint of Muscadine, half a pint of red Rose-water, a penny manchet sliced thin, two handfuls of Raisins of the sun stoned, a quarter of a pound of fine sugar, sixteen Eggs beaten; mix all these together, then distill them in a common still with a soft fire, then let the Patient drink three or four spoonfuls at a time blood warm, being sweetned with Manus Christi made with Corral and Pearl; when your things are all in the still, strew four ounces of Cinamon beaten; this water is good to put into broath, &c.

And that night, while he was sleeping, there came a wise man, who was his father's friend, and awoke him saying: 'Danger lies very close to you, Manus, son of Oireal. You hold yourself favoured because you have as a bride the daughter of a mighty earl; but do you know what bride the wife of Iarlaid sought for her own son?

The Grand Chamberlain places over these the royal mantle of violet velvet sown with golden fleurs-de-lis, lined and bordered with ermine. Charles X., clad in the royal robes, kneels. The Archbishop, seated, with the mitre on his head, anoints the palms of his hands, saying: ungentur manus istae de oleo sanctificato.