To my own knowledge, however, it proceeds in a great measure from education. And here I would beg leave to point out an omission of which the several boards of education have been guilty, and which, I believe, no one but myself has yet been sufficiently acute and philosophical to ascertain, as forming a sine qua non in the national instruction of the lower orders of Irishmen.

Hence these few lines. May GOD keep you! Yours ever affectionately, The Right Rev. Dr. 33 Grosvenor Street: March 13, 1869. My dearly loved Friend, I have received your note, non sine multis lachrymis, and though I am too weak to write or answer myself, I must dictate a few words of thankfulness to it.

In 1640, in Springfield, Goody Gregory, being grievously angered, profanely abused an annoying neighbor, saying, "Before God I coulde breake thy heade!" But she acknowledged her "great sine and faulte" like a woman, and paid her fine and sat in the stocks like a man, since she swore like the members of that profane sex.

He took out a voluminous notebook, at the sight of which Nadia smiled. "A computer might forget to dress, but you'd never catch one without a full magazine pencil and a lot of blank paper," he grinned in reply and went on, writing as he talked. "For any given frequency, f, and phase angle, theta, you integrate, between limits zero and pi divided by two, sine theta d...." "Hold it I'm sinking!"

He is become alarmed about himself, which much increases danger in such a complaint. Consequently all the entourage is alarmed too. The drawing-room and levee are to be postponed sine die. Trade and agriculture are both flourishing. The only embarrassment arises out of the uncertainty as to the King's health.

Send all you can find to Lord R'hoone, Paris. This address will suffice. He is known at the city gates. N.B. Send them, carriage paid, free of cracks and soldering. Let them be rich and amiable; as for beauty, it is not a sine qua non. Varnish wears off, but the underneath earthenware remains."

She is as natural and simple as a girl can be, and doesn't throw Greek roots at you, nor try to convince you of the difference between the songs of the troubadours and the sonnets of Petrarch. She doesn't care a rap whether Dante's Beatrice was a real woman or a principle; whether James the First poisoned his son; or what's the margin between a sine and a cosine.

There is a great deal that works which are called immortal have in common; if this common element were excluded from each of them, a work would lose its charm and its value. So that this universal something is necessary, and is the conditio sine qua non of every work that claims to be immortal. It is of more use to young people to write critical articles than poetry.

I've got educated dandruff, I says, 'and it ain't never fooled me yet. In short, I says, 'I've been handed the office to skiddoo, and in such cases I believe in skiddooing. Let us create a vacancy in these parts sine quinine which, I says, 'is Latin, meaning it's a bitter dose but you gotta take it.

That Katy should go with Albert to see the cousins at Glenfield was a matter easily brought about. Plausaby, Esq., was so desirous of Albert's absence that he threw all of Mrs. Plausaby's influence on the side of the arrangement which Charlton made a sine qua non.