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I'll bet anything you please that you'll hear from Bloc & Company within twenty-four hours, and that the occupant of those rooms at the Hotel Buller is Willis Marsh." Big George began to mutter profanely. "It looks like they had us, and all because Fraser's tongue is hung in the middle." "All the same, we'll fight it out," said Emerson, grimly.

Are they in affliction, they are told to believe that God loves them, that God visits them, that God wishes to try them. Thus it is that religion changes evil into good! Some one has said profanely, but with reason: "If the good God treats thus those whom He loves, I beseech Him very earnestly not to think of me."

Hughes, what, in the name of Heaven, are you standing there for? Perhaps you would like to have me stir you up. I will if those horses are not here in ten minutes." The cowman, muffled to the ears in a buffalo coat, plunged profanely into the drift, slamming the door behind him.

As it now is, it looks, to speak profanely of what poetry has consecrated, when seen from the water, or along the shore of the lake, very like an old whitewashed factory or mill. This morning I walked to the Castle of Chillon with J , who sketches everything he sees, from a wildflower or a carved chair to a castle or a range of mountains.

"I did not intend to speak profanely," said Margaret, hastily, and the color visibly deepened on her cheek; "neither did I know that you were a religious character, Mr. Regulus. I thought you were a very good sort of man, and all that; but I did not think you had so much of the minister about you."

Oh! how bitterly some of the prisoners, who were profanely inclined, cursed those who could oppose their government in such a time as this! Not many of the soldiers sympathized with these traitors. They were still hopeful of success, and confident that the time would soon come when they would crush rebellion.

"Why am I? " he asked, turning his head from side to side. " I don't see where I was so wrong." " Oh, dances, balloons, picnics, parades and ascensions," they retorted, profanely. " You swam voluntarily into water that was too deep for you. Swim out. Get dry. Here's a towel."

"Splendid," answered the captain, with a smile. "Where's your celebrity? Trot him out." "I believe Mr. Hodden is aft somewhere." "Oh, Hodden!" cried the young man, profanely; "he's a chestnut. Where's Kenan Buel?" The reporter did not wait for a reply, for he saw by the crowd around a very flushed young man that the victim had been found and cornered.

"Impossible!" said Boulainvilliers, gravely, "piety is as natural to kings as flattery to their courtiers: are we not told that they are made in God's own image?" "If that were true," said Count Hamilton, somewhat profanely, "if that were true, I should no longer deny the impossibility of Atheism!"

"May I help you to turnip salad, Mr. Carraway?" Uncle Boaz, hobbling with rheumatism, held out a quaint old tray of inlaid woods; and the lawyer, as he placed his plate upon it, heaved a sigh of gratitude for the utter absence of vulgarity. He could fancy dear old Miss Saidie puffing apologies over the fat bacon, and Fletcher profanely deploring the sloppy coffee.

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