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Merry, took place on the 21st of July, leaving our hearts filled to overflowing with thankfulness and praise for the very marked way in which the Lord has led us on step by step. "Little did we think, a month ago, that it would be possible in so short a time to select, teach, and outfit seventy boys, and to soften their manners, even if we had the necessary money for their expenses.

"Fire and a dog!" said the Blackfoot, adding a little pinch of sweet-grass to his smoke as a sign of thankfulness, "Friend-on-the-Hearth and Friend-at-the-Back! Man may go far with them." Moke-icha turned her long flanks to the sun. "Now I thought the tale began with a mention of a Talking Skin " "Oh, that!" The Coyote recalled himself.

I tried to fasten it to the saddle, but, simple as it may seem, it would not hold, besides making the mule altogether unmanageable, so that after a desperate struggle for a few miles further I cast it from me with mingled feelings of disgust and thankfulness, and in all probability it remains in the same spot to this very day.

"It is I who understand you now." "And I am devoutly glad," he made answer, with humble thankfulness. "And I must ask you, Grizel, why you want to run away from me." "But you think you know," she retorted smartly. "You think I want to read my letter again!" Her cleverness staggered him. "But I am right, am I not, Grizel?" "No," she said triumphantly, "you are quite wrong.

As Esmond embraced his young pupil now, 'twas with the feeling of quite religious thankfulness and an almost paternal pleasure that he beheld him. Round his neck was a star with a striped ribbon, that was made of small brilliants and might be worth a hundred crowns. "Look," says he, "won't that be a pretty present for mother?"

Do you know, it seemed as if hell was turned loose around me. Everything said, 'You have gone too far; you are too big a sinner, I said, 'But Jesus died for me. I prayed and prayed, and I heard that voice come and say, 'Go and sin no more, It was just as if a finger had touched my soul. My prayer turned from one of supplication to one of thankfulness for what God had done for me.

I am going to take the case, Miss Lorne take it, and solve it, as I'm a living man. Thank you!" as her brimming eyes uplifted in deep thankfulness and her shaking hand returned the pressure of his. "Now, just give me five minutes' time in the next room it's my laboratory, Lady Chepstow and I'll tell you whether I shall begin with Captain Hawksley or eliminate him from the case entirely.

"It is a matter of thankfulness," retorted the girl, pertly, and surveying the other with amused and critical eyes, which made Susanna Sprigg "squirm in her shoes."

Then with a gasp of thankfulness he remembered. It was the Kite, of course. The tide had set her alongside; and now she lay scraping the side of the privateer. A handier stepping-stone he could not have asked. In a minute he had clambered aboard the lugger. The privateer had dropped a hawser over her side as buffer. The boy was up it in a moment, and on to the deck, his heart beating high.

No matter that it comes unsought, and comes not for the seeking. You do not discuss the reasonableness of your gratitude. You only know that your whole being bows with humility and utter thankfulness to him who thus crowns you monarch of all realms. And the kingdom is everlasting.