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These are the things that give meaning to our lives, and which we acknowledge to be greater than ourselves. This is our cause peace, freedom, justice. We will pursue this cause with determination and humility, asking divine guidance that in all we do we may follow the will of God. State of the Union Address Harry S. Truman January 9, 1952 Mr. President, Mr.

For she seemed to be in earnest, and spoke with a soft humility, such as might have become the least original of wives. 'Watch my face, and be on your guard? Since when have I desired you to be a simpleton? 'I'm quite serious. It isn't foolish at all. I want to please you; that's all I mean, dear. He gazed at her, wondering, inclined to laugh, yet withheld from it by an uneasy feeling.

Obed proved to be a pretty good cook, despite the humility with which he had remarked that of course he could not expect to compete on even terms with fellows who had had so many better opportunities to acquire the "knack" of things, than had come his way. The bread was as fine as any Bandy-legs had ever eaten in his own home, where a high-priced cook held sway over the kitchen.

El Camino Real, from San Francisco to Monterey and from Monterey to San Diego, with its rough roads, was as familiar to him who walked it with so much difficulty as it is to us who enjoy it by comfortable travel on the railroad or pleasurable motor trips; his fasts were austere and frequent, wine he never used, the discipline was no stranger to him, a bed was not among his possessions, on the bare floor or bench at most he would rest his sore missionary body; yet he never imposed unnecessary penance on anyone, he was hard only on himself, he was gentle and affectionate to a marked degree, his faith, trust in Providence, humility and charity, were heroic.

God and his Son are the self-same God a light is the same light as that from which it was taken. The Scriptures make known two comings of the Son of God; the first in humility, the second at the day of judgment, in power. The Jews might have known all this from the prophets, but their sins have so blinded them that they did not recognize him at his first coming, and are still vainly expecting him.

It was not possible that I should have loved him. It is quite impossible now that you should not do so. Try to think in this affair with severity towards yourself, and ask yourself what justice requires of you. My advice to you is to write to him. Tell him, with frank humility and frank affection, that you ask his pardon for the injury that you had done him. Say no more than that.

For my father retained scrupulously the Friend's mode of speech, though he was practically but a lax member of the Society, and had married out of its pale. In this announcement of his plain name appeared, I fancy, more pride than humility. "Very well, I will remember," answered the boy fearlessly, though with an amused twist of his mouth, speedily restrained.

Jed accepted the snub with outward humility and inward appreciation. "Why, yes," he admitted; "I presume likely I'm the windmill man. Is there anything I can do for you this evenin'?"

"It will owe none of its brightness to me," said Miss Bethia, with sudden humility. "And I don't suppose I shall begrudge the brightness of other folks' crowns when I get there, if I ever do." In the pause that followed, David went and laid the baby in her cot, and when he returned the children came with him, and the talk went on.

Yet, the more popular he became the greater was his humility and the more ardent was his devotion to prayer. He seemed when engaged in prayer frequently to lapse into a trance, and tradition even alleges that at such times a bright halo was seen to encircle his head. Returning to Florence, Savonarola by his Lenten sermons in 1491 drew immense crowds to the Duomo.