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Dooley proclaimed that in the Spanish War we were in a dream, but that the Spaniards were in a trance. This just about summed up the facts. Our people had for decades scoffed at the thought of making ready for possible war.

He experienced a shock as though he had been called out of a trance by the sudden noise of an explosion.

I will give no message until one named Josephine leaves the room." No sooner had the words been uttered than the medium came writhing out of her trance. "What happened?" she asked, looking at Elaine. Elaine reported the spirit's words. "We can get nothing if your Aunt stays here," Savetsky added, insisting that Aunt Josephine must go. "Your father cannot speak while she is present."

The love of beauty was nearly quenched in him, but the longing for life grew more intense. He became angry with the sleeper, that she awakened not, and with his little remaining strength smote her fiercely on the cheeks, but she gave no sign of reviving. Remembering that if he gained the potion of immortality he would himself be plunged into a trance, he made all preparations for the interregnum.

He felt a sudden need to hurry up his departure. "Well, Joanna," he said, a little impatiently "don't stand there in a trance. Do you hear? We must. . . ." He looked up at his wife, and whatever he was going to add remained unspoken. She was staring at him with her big, slanting eyes, that seemed to him twice their natural size.

"All right," Bish said, slipping his gun back into a shoulder holster under his coat. "Step carefully to your left. Don't move right at all." Murell, still in a sort of trance, obeyed. As he did I looked past his right shin and saw what Bish had been shooting at.

"If fear has not taken away your wits, my good sir, will you tell me what old ruin that is I saw a little above here as I rode up?" The man started from his trance of terror, and glanced, first at the fiery eyes in the corner, and then at Sir Norman, in evident trepidation of the question. "That ruin, sir? You must be a stranger in this place, surely, or you would not need to ask that question."

Tenderly then she hovered round him, till the smile fled away and Fear crouched beside the little bed. Then the day ended not, and night was a dreamless terror, and joy and sleep slipped away. I hear now that Voice at midnight calling me from dull and dreamless trance, crying, "The Shadow of Death! The Shadow of Death!"

The sound of the Bursley Town Silver Prize Band aroused her from her mournful trance of suffering. Then the high treble of children's voices startled her. She defied her sciatica, and, grimacing, went to the window. And at the first glimpse she could see that the Federation Poll was going to be a much more exciting affair than she had imagined.

He wrote a large number of books, including Dodona's Grove, a political allegory, Instructions for Foreign Travel , England's Tears for the Present Wars, A Trance, or News from Hell, and above all, Epistolæ Ho-Elianæ, Familiar Letters, chiefly written in the Fleet to imaginary correspondents, but no doubt based upon notes of his own travels.

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