The man had already rung the bell, and Lady Cantourne's butler was holding the door open. There was something in his attitude vaguely suggestive of expectation. He never took his eyes from Sir John Meredith's face, as if on the alert for an unspoken order.

Tom Quentan no longer guided the plunging, reeling broncos on their swift and perilous way he had sturdily declined to "play second fiddle to a kerosene tank." Lee began to wonder if she should find the Fork much changed her mother was a bad correspondent. Her unspoken question, opportunely asked by another, was answered by Mrs. McBride. "Oh, Lord, yes!

There was an unspoken yearning in his face that was almost pain. Then she took his hand and patted it kindly. "You're a sentimental old boy, aren't you, David!" she said, playfully "You like being taken care of and fussed over! Of course you do! Was there ever a man that didn't!" He was silent, but he pressed her caressing hand gratefully.

Next to Charley, I think she loved Nina best. Nina was only six, and she was rather more complex than the other children. She was fanciful, had all sorts of unspoken preferences, and was easily offended. At the slightest disappointment or displeasure, her velvety brown eyes filled with tears, and she would lift her chin and walk silently away.

He stopped helplessly. The lustre died out of his eyes, and his pallor became sallowness. "But I've said enough," he began again, making a tremendous effort to regain his self-mastery. "You can have no doubt as to my meaning; and you will be able to fill in anything I may have left unspoken. Now," he added, sweeping the room with a look "now I'd better go."

'I used to dream, he said huskily, 'of a time when failure should have come, when she would want some one to step in and shield her. Sometimes I thought of her protected in my arms against the world. But now! She felt the truth of his unspoken argument of all that his tone implied. In the minds of both the same image gathered shape and distinctness.

So the dumb boy disappeared. One wonders whither he went and what his fate might be " "With so much to tell," put in Dormer Colville, musingly; "so much unspoken." It was odd how the roles had been reversed. For the Marquis de Gemosac was now eagerly seeking to convince his companion. The surest way to persuade a man is to lead him to persuade himself.

In the meantime the Eysie contingent fumed below while Ali lounged whistling against the exit port, playing with his sleep rod and Dane studied the grass forest. His boot nudged a packet just inside the port casing and he glanced inquiringly from it to Ali. "Cat ransom," the other answered his unspoken question. So that was it the fee for Sinbad's return. "What is it today?"

Blount, coming to announce that supper was ready, shivered slightly and her kind brown eyes were filled with an unspoken entreaty. But he evaded their wistfulness and a certain doggedness gloomed in his own.

Then there came an overwhelming self-reproaching burst of love for that 'own mother'; a humiliation before her slightest wish, as penance for the moment's unspoken treason; and thus Sylvia was led to request her cousin Philip to resume his lessons in so meek a manner, that he slowly and graciously acceded to a request which he was yearning to fulfil all the time.