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Where did you learn so much French?" "My father taught me, sir. He also taught me Latin." "Indeed, I congratulate you on possessing so good an education. Latin, however, isn't so much in my way. I haven't many Latin correspondents." "I suppose not, sir," said Herbert, laughing. "Still, it does no harm to know something of it."

Their keen sense and scriptural estimate of the supreme evil of sin first made them correspondents of Rutherford's; and as that sense and estimate grew in them they passed on into an inner and a still more inner circle of those Scottish saints and martyrs who corresponded with Rutherford, and closed, with so much honour and love, around him.

It is not to be supposed that these gentlemen would be without correspondents in Ireland, nor that the state of that country could be a matter of indifference to the astute advisers of King George.

So much for the more or less technical processes of stirring the mind from its sloth and making it exactly obedient to the aspirations of the soul. And here I close. Numerous correspondents have asked me to outline a course of reading for them. In other words, they have asked me to particularize for them the aspirations of their souls.

"Von Tirpitz" was going round in an absent-minded way, pulling at his long whiskers. The war correspondents talked together. We spoke gloomily, in low voices, so that the waiters should not hear. "If they break through to Abbeville we shall lose the coast." "Will that be a win for the Germans, even then?" "It will make it hell in the Channel." "We shall transfer our base to St.-Nazaire."

Is it this that explains the extraordinary ecstasy which men experience on the battlefield, even amid all the horrors an ecstasy so great that it calls them again and again to return? "Have you noticed," says one of our War correspondents, "how many of our colonels fall? Do you know why? It is for five minutes of life.

Therefore it was no surprise to me when he told me that, as an official at the head office of the Crédit Lyonnais in Paris, it was his duty sometimes to visit their correspondents in the chief commercial centres of Great Britain. "I am on my way from Glasgow back to Paris," he said. "But I had to break my journey in York this morning. I shall leave London for Paris to-morrow.

She turned them over with languid interest, murmuring unconsciously to herself the names of her correspondents. "From dear Ethel. Why is she in Edinburgh? I hope her father isn't ill again. Alice. Uncle. Mrs. Lanark. Mary Butler. Prince d'Alchingen. That tiresome Miss Bates. Mr. Seward." She paused and flushed deeply. "Robert." Then she turned to Father Foster with shining eyes.

The resentment of disappointed expectations inclines the buyer to seek another market, and the civility to which his new correspondents are incited by their own interest, detains him, till those by whom he was formerly supplied, having no longer any vent for their products or their wares, employ their labours on other manufactures, or cultivate their lands for other purposes.

Calloway did this in face of the fact that General Kuroki was making his moves and laying his plans with the profoundest secrecy as far as the world outside his camps was concerned. The correspondents were forbidden to send out any news whatever of his plans; and every message that was allowed on the wires was censored with rigid severity.