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Her father had asked her one day, when she was about ten or twelve years old, "What kind of a husband she would like?" and she replied, "One of equal birth." Illa: "Only the Duke of Pomerania, or the Count von Ebersburg." Ille: "Right! therefore she must never marry any other but one of these."

"There was no falsehood there nor deceit, but the openly expressed wish of the whole convent, and of his worship the sheriff." Illa. "Then let the whole convent and his worship the sheriff make her well again; she would not trouble herself about the matter."

Illa. "He must send away all the bystanders first; did he not see how they all stood round, with their mouths open from wonder?" Hereupon the knight roared out, "Away, go all, all of ye, or I'll stick ye dead as calves. The devil take any of you who dare to listen!"

And no one would listen to her or heed her; so she was thrust that same night out of the castle, like a common swine-maid, though the young lord, when he saw the full extent of his wicked mother's treachery, fell down in a dead faint at her feet." And here she wept and groaned, as if her heart would break. "Who, then, was the gay youth who sat beside her there on the bundle?" screamed Otto. Illa.

There is no sense in his conjecture, for he yields that they did not observe those days as shadows of things to come, and yet he saith, they might have observed them as memorials of by-past typical benefits; now they could not observe those days as memorials of types, except they observed them also as shadowing forth the antitypes. Pentecost, saith Davenant, et illa legis datae celebratio.

The honour of the whole Pomeranian house was perilled here, and he would save it at any cost. But did his darling bride know who the ghost was?" Illa. "No; she had been thinking the whole night about him till her head ached, but in vain."

But he now found that his penitence had never been sincere and efficacious. This one damning sin obscured all his good actions; and he felt if he died unconfessed, and with the weight of guilt upon his soul, he should perish everlastingly. Again he fled from the torment of retrospection, and again heard the choir thundering forth Lacrymosa dies illa, Quâ resurget ex favillâ Judicandus homo reus.

Marett, Anthropology. Home University Library. J.L. Myres, The Dawn of History. Home University Library. Myres's revision, in view of the rest of the book which he has not seen. In his 'better land' Non huc Argoo contendit remige pinus, Neque impudica Colchis intulit pedem.... Iuppiter illa piæ secrevit litora genti, Ut inquinavit ære tempus aureum;

In effect one cannot in Latin directly say that a person is white, merely that what is white is identical with the person who is, acts, or is acted upon in such and such a manner. English and Chinese express the attribution directly by means of order. In Latin the illa and alba may occupy almost any position in the sentence.

Her Highness started from her chair when she beheld them, her cheeks glowing with anger, and exclaimed, "What does this mean? Have you dared to release Sidonia?" Ille. "Yes; for this noble maiden has been treated worse than a peasant-girl by my lady mother." Illa. "Oh, woe is me! this is my just punishment for having forgotten my Philip so soon, and even consenting to tread a measure in the hall."

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