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And it is mentioned, l. favorabiliores. ff. de reg. jur. et in cap. cum sunt eod. tit. lib. 6, which saith, Quum sunt partium jura obscura, reo potius favendum est quam actori.

Solitude was, doubtless, terrible to those who were the first inventors of this practice: "Quum in se cuique minimum fiduciae esset," for naturally any company whatever is consolatory in danger.

The larger inscription, on the wide circle of the floor outside of you, records the translation of his body; the smaller one round the stone at your feet "quiescimus, domum hanc quum adimus ultimam" is a painful truth, I suppose, to travellers like us, who never rest anywhere now, if we can help it.

In truth, in all things, if nature do not help a little, it is very hard for art and industry to perform anything to purpose. I am in my own nature not melancholic, but meditative; and there is nothing I have more continually entertained myself withal than imaginations of death, even in the most wanton time of my age: "Jucundum quum aetas florida ver ageret."

CUM HOC ... CUM CETERARUM: the use of cum in different senses in the same clause, which seems awkward, is not uncommon; cf. below, 67. The spelling quum was certainly not used by Cicero, and probably by no other Latin writer of the best period. H. 311, foot-note 4. It is worth remarking that cum the conjunction and cum the preposition, though spelt alike, are by origin quite distinct.

For my part, I hold, and Socrates commands it, that whoever has in his mind a sprightly and clear imagination, he will express it well enough in one kind of tongue or another, and, if he be dumb, by signs "Verbaque praevisam rem non invita sequentur;" And as another as poetically says in his prose: "Quum res animum occupavere, verbs ambiunt," and this other. "Ipsae res verbs rapiunt."

The foster-brother in the East is held dear as, and often dearer than, kith and kin. Quirinus Post mediam noctem visus, quum somnia vera. Edit. "Maghzal ;" a more favourite comparison is with a tooth pick. Both are used by Nizami and Al-Hariri, the most "elegant" of Arab writers. I have not thought it necessary to preserve the monorhyme. These fictitious names are for his old flames.

Si infidelitas fornicatio est, et idolatria infidelitas, et avaritia idolatria, non est dubitandum et avaritiam fornicationem esse. Quis ergo iam quamlibet illicitam concupiscentiam potest recte a fornicationis genere separate, si avaritia fornicatio est? Friedberg, ii, pp. 782 and 783: Quum enim secundum legitimas sanctiones, etc.

In all, he had remained in the church for the space of ten minutes. Over those heads full of worldly cares and profane desires the Dies iræ rumbled like a storm: "Mors stupebit et natura, Quum resurget creatura Judicanti responsura." "Tell me, Dutil, how could that little Nanteuil, who is pretty and intelligent, get herself mixed up with a dirty mummer like Chevalier?"

"'Quum primum pavido custos mihi purpura cernet, that passage on friendship which gushes out so livingly from the stern heart of the satirist. And when old complimented me on my verses, my eye sought yours. Verily, I now say as then, "'Nescio quod, certe est quod me tibi temperet astrum."

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