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See State Papers, Vol. VII. p. 630, &c. Ibid. Germanorum animi tales sunt ut apertam et simplicem amicitiam colant et expetant. Ego quoque Germanos Principes super hâc causâ sæpius expostulantes audivi, ut qui suspensam hanc et causariam amicitiam not satis probarent.

There needs no more to die but to will to die: "Ubique mors est; optime hoc cavit deus. Eripere vitam nemo non homini potest; At nemo mortem; mille ad hanc aditus patent." Any one may deprive us of life; no one can deprive us of death. To death there are a thousand avenues."

A narrow gallery there ran round the dome just above the frieze, on which, in letters five feet high, appeared the famous inscription: /Tu es Petrus et super hanc petram oedificabo ecclesiam meam et tibi dabo claves regni coelorum.* And then, as Pierre leant over to gaze into the fearful cavity beneath him and the wide openings of nave, and aisles, and transepts, the cry, the delirious cry of the multitude, yet clamorously swarming below, struck him full in the face.

Anno Domini 1497 Ioannes Cabotus Venetus, et Sebastianus illius filius eam terram fecerunt peruiam, quam nullus priùs adire ausus fuit, die 24 Junij, circiter horam quintam bene manè. Hanc autem appellauit Terram primùm visam, credo quod ex mari in eam partem primùm oculos iniecerat.

Half-naked children crawled about in rags. On the damp, mildewed walls there was hung a picture of the Benicia Boy, and close by Pio Nono, crook in hand, with the usual inscription, "Feed my sheep." The Doctor looked at it. "'Tu es Petrus, et super hanc' Good God! what is truth?" he muttered, bitterly. He dragged her closer to the women, through the darkness and foul smell.

I found my friend begin to rave, and insensibly led him towards the house, that we might be joined by some other company; and am convinced that the widow is the secret cause of all that inconsistency which appears in some parts of my friend's discourse, though he has so much command of himself as not directly to mention her, yet according to that of Martial, which one knows not how to render into English, Dum tacet hanc loquitur.

"Hunc, hanc, hoc," went on William monotonously. "I'm afraid it's no good," said Mr. Lambkin. "I'm afraid it proves that I'm not still one may not retain a knowledge of one's former tongue. One must keep an open mind. Of course, I'd prefer not to but one must be fair. And she's kind, very kind." Shaking his head sadly, the little man entered the station.

Sicut in eodem capite dicitur crescite et multiplicamini. Tertio potest confirmari, quia actualis productio vegetabilium non tarn ad opus creationis, quam ad opus propagationis pertinet, quod postea factum est. Et hanc sententiam sequitur Eucherius lib. 1, in Gen. cap. 11, et illi faveat Glossa, interli. Hugo. et Lyran. dum verbum germinet dicto modo exponunt.

For she prophesied to the messengers, saying, NOVI QUOD DOMINUS TRADET VOBIS TERRAM HANC; that is to say, 'I wot well, that our Lord shall betake you this land': and so he did. And after, Salomon, Naasson's son, wedded her, and from that time was she a worthy woman, and served God well. Also from Bethany go men to flom Jordan by a mountain and through desert.

Hanc insulam totam tenent, et gubernant Christiani Hospitalarij nunc temporis, quae quondam Colosse dicebatur: nam et multi Saracenorum adhuc eam sic appellant, vnde et Epistola, quam beatus Paulus ad habitatores huius Insulae scripsit, intitulabatur ad Colossenses. Iste portus non vocatur modo Tyrus, sed Sur. Nam et ab illa parte est ibi introitus terrae Suriae.

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