"Et Verbum caro factum est et habitavit in nobis," the Abbé Gévresin added, in conclusion. "This prefiguration of the Word by Noah is certainly curious," remarked Durtal. "Animals are also introduced in the iconography of the saints," the Abbé Plomb resumed.

And who knoweth not that an oath doth always oblige and bind, quando est factum de rebus certis et possibilibus, vere ac sine dolo præmeditate, ac cum judicio, juste, ad gloriam Dei, et bonum proximi? What one of all those conditions was here wanting?

The imposing appearance of the south front amply atones for any disappointment the visitor may experience at his first sight of the buildings from the Chard road. Over the entrance tower is the inscription: ANO' D'NI MILLESIMO QUINQUESIMO VIC'MO OCTA'O A D'NO FACTUM EST THOMA CHARD ABB. The beautiful cloisters are much admired and the magnificent porch is one of the finest entrances in England.

Sicut in eodem capite dicitur crescite et multiplicamini. Tertio potest confirmari, quia actualis productio vegetabilium non tarn ad opus creationis, quam ad opus propagationis pertinet, quod postea factum est. Et hanc sententiam sequitur Eucherius lib. 1, in Gen. cap. 11, et illi faveat Glossa, interli. Hugo. et Lyran. dum verbum germinet dicto modo exponunt.

Simile factum est regnum coelorum homini regi qui fecit nuptias filio suo. The kingdom of heaven is like unto a certain king, which married his son, and sent forth his servants to call them that, &c.

The young nobleman replied, bowing low "Imo, rex augustissime biennium fere apud lugdunenses Moratus sum." James proceeded "Biennium dicis? Bene, bene, optume factum est non uno Die, quod dicunt, intelligisti, domine glenvarlochiensis? Aha!" Nigel replied by a reverent bow, and the king, turning to those behind him, said "Adolescens quidem ingenui vultus ingenuique pudoris."

A Get on paper would be held legal post factum, though it is not allowed to use that material, as it is easily destroyed or mutilated, and the use of paper for the purpose was confined to the East. Hence one finds in libraries so many parchment scrolls containing only the Haftarahs.

In agris erant tum senatores, id est senes, si quidem aranti L. Quinctio Cincinnato nuntiatum est eum dictatorem esse factum, cuius dictatoris iussu magister equitum C. Servilius Ahala Sp. Maelium regnum appetentem occupatum interemit. A villa in senatum arcessebatur et Curius et ceteri senes, ex quo qui eos arcessebant viatores nominati sunt.

The truth is, that both first and last the scandal of the ceremonies is active and given; for an active scandal is dictum vel factum vere malum, aut mali speciem habens, quo auctor aliis peccandi occasionem praebet, say our divines. An active scandal is ever a sin in him who offendeth, quia vel ipsum opus quod facit est peccatum, vel etiam si habeat speciem peccati, &c., say the schoolmen.

If he closes the line of Fathers, he begins the period when the Church, failing to preserve a rotten empire in political existence, creates new nations; nay, his own hand has laid for them their foundation-stones, and their nascent polity bears his manual inscription, as the great campanile of St. Mark wears on its brow the words, Et Verbum caro factum est. These were the words which St.