James's cum plurimis aliis. It will be a grand coup if it takes place. February 2. Sent off yesterday's work with proofs. Could I do as toughly for a week and many a day I have done more I should be soon out of the scrape. I wrote letters, and put over the day till one, when I went down with Sir James Stuart to see Stuart of Dunearn's pictures now on sale.

The best writers do not often use the neuter adjective as noun in the oblique cases unless there is something in the context to show the gender clearly, as in 24 aliis ... eis quae; we have, however, below in 8, isto = ista re; 72, reliquum; 77, caelestium = rerum caelestium; and in 78, praeteritorum futurorumque; see other instances in n. on Lael. 50 similium.

He successively beheld the death of Charlotte Corday, Madame Roland, Louis XVI, Marie Antoinette, Madame Elizabeth, Philippe Egalite, Madame du Barry, Danton, Robespierre, Couthon, St. Just, Henriot, Fouquier-Tinville, cum mullis aliis, too numerous to mention.

A few good Whigs of the old school adjourned upstairs, the Tories began to converse de omnibus rebus et quibusdam aliis, the Radicals were either snoring or grinning, and the great gun of the north ceased firing amidst such a hubbub of inattention, that even I was not aware of the fact for several minutes."

Many more changes are talked of, but so idly, and variously, that I give credit to none of them. There has been pretty clean sweeping already; and I do not remember, in my time, to have seen so much at once, as an entire new Board of Treasury, and two new Secretaries of State, 'cum multis aliis', etc.

Fratres Helenae, lucida sidera, Ventorumque regat pater, Obstrictis, aliis, praeter Iapiga. "May the brothers of Helen, bright stars like you, and the Father of the winds, guide you; and may you feel only the breath of the zephyr." There was a gum-tree, under the shade of which Paul was accustomed to sit, to contemplate the sea when agitated by storms.

Sir, I will heartily excuse your absence. Stercus et urina medici sunt prandia prima. Ex aliis paleas, ex istis collige grana. You are mistaken, quoth Rondibilis, in the second verse of our distich, for it ought to run thus Nobis sunt signa, vobis sunt prandia digna.

But perhaps a man, after knowing his own character the limited strength of his own mind, should not be desirous of having too much wisdom, considering, quid valeant humeri, how little he can carry. JOHNSON. 'Sir, be as wise as you can; let a man be aliis laetus, sapiens sibi: "Though pleas'd to see the dolphins play, I mind my compass and my way."

"More clearly do I see. All my long years have the aliis I was born under thought for me. Ever, when I was hungry, I came to them for food, as I come to your kitchen now. Many people eat in your kitchen, and the days of feasts when you slay fat steers for all of us are understandable.

Here an objection appeared to arise, which the ingenuity of the writer had anticipated. "It may be redargued," saith he, "by those who have more spleen than brain, that forasmuch as the Archbishop preacheth in English, he will not thereby much edify the Turkish folk, who do altogether hold in a vain gabble of their own." Cum multis aliis.