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'Pater, like some other people, is patient and long-suffering, but he has his limits. The Head is oppressing him damnably, too. As I pointed out, the boy has practically been in the First Fifteen since term began. 'But, my dear fellow, I've known you give a boy an impot and refuse him leave off games, again and again.

"Kape cool!" cried the latter, springing out of reach of his assailant; and with his own blade bared, placing himself on the defensive. "Kape cool, ye frog-atin' son av a gun, or ye'll make mate for us sooner than ye expected, ay, before yez have time to put up a pater for yer ugly sowl, that stans most disperately in nade ov it.

It was her hour of disillusion. 'Come to think of it, Siegmund continued, 'I have always shirked. Whenever I've been in a tight corner I've gone to Pater. 'I think, she said, 'marriage has been a tight corner you couldn't get out of to go to anybody. 'Yet I'm here, he answered simply. The blood suffused her face and neck. 'And some men would have made a better job of it.

Finally, that man must be deficient in sensibility, who would not find an incentive to emulation in the great and burning lights, which in a long series have illustrated the church of England; who would not hear from within an echo to the voice from their sacred shrines, Et Pater Aeneas et avunculus excitat Hector.

She liked Henry James and Walter Pater and he preferred Horse Papers and the Comic Supplement. Sometimes when she would wander off into the Realms of Poesy he would follow her as far as he could, and then sit down and wait for her to get through rambling and come back. If they took in a Show she was always plugging for Mrs.

There was a shriek from an engine, and a rattle and clatter outside the station, as the train, every window filled with boys' excited faces, came dashing up to the platform. "There's my people!" "There's Tom!" "Hi! hi! Here I am!" "There's the pater with the trap!" "Hooray!"

I'm rather glad, as Jim is feverish. The pater will have a good deal of tipping to do, as everybody here's no end civil. Can't write more, as I'm fagged. Remember me to your young sister. P.S. I fancy we shall spend next summer in England Jim and I. We don't either of us think much of Switzerland. We had a fellow at Holmhurst School who rejoiced in the name of Alexander Magnus Bilk.

From our court of Pampluna, etc. Under the Privy Signet of the King himself Sanchius Navarrensium Rex, Sapiens, Pater Patriæ, Pius, Catholicus. This done, and means taken for sure despatch, he sends for the virgin in question, and embracing her with one arm, holds her close to his knee.

There came first the "Pater," and then the "Ave," the "Credo," and the supplication to God to grant them the happiness of a glorious day. "O God, vouchsafe me sufficient strength that I may avoid all that is evil, do all that is good, and suffer uncomplainingly every pain." And now there was to be no further stoppage until they reached Lourdes.

Off and on, his letter was sought for during many years, hunted for through all sorts of portfolios and bookcases, but never found until it appeared miraculously, just as the proof of my Pater article was being sent back to the printer, the precious letter transpired shall I say "transpired?" through a crack in the old bookcase. Mar. 4.

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