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It knows that its own truest talents are indubitably comic. We have no real tragic audiences. This is no expression of regret over legitimate audiences, or audiences of the old school, or any audiences of that kind, whose day may or may not have had a date.

They heighten the effectiveness of local humor, but it may be questioned whether they afford any evidence of genuine racial differentiation as to the sense of the comic. What one can abundantly prove, however, is that the United States afford a new national field for certain types of humor and satire.

" That you may expect things to go pleasantly on the day you put on your petticoat the wrong side out " "I should expect them to take a comic turn on the day I did that, certainly!" "What a ribald boy! Now, listen, Ted; be very attentive, and I will tell you a true, true story. You mustn't laugh the tiniest titter ah, now, Ted! you won't laugh, will you?"

But whether there was not in your compositions more fire, and a more comic spirit, I will not determine. Rabelais. If you will not determine it, e'en let it remain a matter in dispute, as I have left the great question, Whether Panurge should marry or not?

And, as to the philosophers, a sort of men remote from all public affairs, they have been sometimes also despised by the comic liberty of their times; their opinions and manners making them appear, to men of another sort, ridiculous. Do they speak of the magistrates, or to him, 'tis with a rude, irreverent, and indecent liberty.

Tempest was in the tattered and dirty finery of a seventeenth-century courtier. The paint and black made Eshwell's face fat and comic; it gave Tempest distinction, made his hollow blazing eyes brilliant and large.

It has been his misfortune to pass many years of his life in a lunatic asylum, the unhappy result of organizing plans for American Comic Papers. All is joy and peace with him now, however; he looks hopefully forward to the time when PUNCHINELLO shall have attained to his legitimate rank of the Foremost Journal in the Nation.

In this way the comic camel-driver ridiculed the poverty and pusillanimity of Ghat Touaricks. He convulsed all the Moors and Arabs with laughter. In fact, he hit off the objects of his satire as well as some of our best comedians. And from what I can learn in town, it would appear the pride of Khanouhen is humbled before the threatening aspect of the war.

The Calabrian laid a finger on one cheek, and drew the skin down in a manner to give a droll expression to his dark, comic eye, while the whole of his really fine Grecian face was charged with an expression of coarse humor. "Look you, Gino thy master sometimes calls for his gondola between sunset and morning?" "An owl is not more wakeful than he has been of late.

Whether or not the play was given in English is not known, but it was customary in the earliest plays for the chief actors to speak in Latin or French, to show their importance, while minor and comic parts of the same play were given in English. For four centuries after this first recorded play the Miracles increased steadily in number and popularity in England.