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"Stop! stay!" cried the father; for his fury was checked for one moment, and his nature, fierce as it was, relented: but Clarence was already gone, and the miserable old man was left alone to darkness, and solitude, and the passions which can make a hell of the human heart! Sed quae praeclara et prospera tanti, Ut rebus laetis par sit mensura malornm?

An extensive collection of examples of this and similar contractions may be found in Frohwein, Die Perfectbildungen auf -vi bei Cicero; Gera, 1874. HUMANITATEM: 'culture', i.e. learning resulting in gentleness and refinement of character. PRUDENTIAM: φρονησιν or practical wisdom. Corn. ISDEM REBUS: i.e. the state of public affairs at the time, see Introd.

At last, the perplexed wit, getting more irascible as he grew more bewildered, suddenly seized the vast incumbrance by the arm, and said to him in a sharp, querulous tone, "Pray, Monsieur, why are you like the lote tree in Mahomet's Seventh Heaven?" "Sir!" cried the astonished Frenchman. Vincent steered by, and, joining me, hiccuped out, "In rebus adversis opponite pectora fortia."

Among the tavern-loungers was a man who had evidently seen better days, and who, either for that reason or because of the large amount of rum he had swallowed, entertained a lofty opinion of himself, and discoursed de omnibus rebus in a most consequential fashion. He soon made himself a sort of medium between ourselves and his fellow-loafers.

Farther to the west, beyond the steps leading down from the choir, is a Perpendicular chantry, known as the Harys chantry; it has open tracery above cusped panels, canopied niches, and a panelled bench table. Robert Harys was rector of Shrowston, and died in 1525; his rebus, a hare under the letter R, may be seen on the panels.

Therefore comfort thyself, sweet TOM! with CICERO's glorious return to Rome; and with the counsel AENEAS gives to his seabeaten soldiers, Lib 1, AEneid. Pluck up thine heart! and drive from thence both fear and care away! To think on this, may pleasure be perhaps another day. Durato, et temet rebus servato secundis. As ANACREON died by the pot: so GEORGE PEELE, by the pox.

Jerome Cardan: De Subtilitate, Liber Decimusseptimus: De artibus, artificiosisque rebus. Edward Winslow: Hypocrisie Unmasked, p. 97. Ibid. Blaise Pascal: Opuscules, Preface to the Treatise on Vacuum, in The Thoughts, Letters and Opuscules of Blaise Pascal, Translated by O. W. Wight, p. 550. Alfred Tennyson: Locksley Hall Sixty Years After.

She offered De Marsay some letters, in which the young man saw, with surprise, strange figures, similar to those of a rebus, traced in blood, and illustrating phrases full of passion. "But," he cried, marveling at these hieroglyphics created by the alertness of jealousy, "you are in the power of an infernal genius?" "Infernal," she repeated. "But how, then, were you able to get out?"

It antedates them; the facts become only a sort of secondary coincidence with the rich man's essential nature. In the case of 'wealth' we all see the fallacy. We know that wealth is but a name for concrete processes that certain men's lives play a part in, and not a natural excellence found in Messrs. Rockefeller and Carnegie, but not in the rest of us. Like wealth, health also lives in rebus.

But, as a man of action, he ran so far ahead of men generally, that he ceased to impress one as commonplace. He, if any man ever did, realized the Roman poet's description of being natus rebus agendis sent into this world not for talking, but for doing; not for counsel, but for execution.

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