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"Two Londoners and a Frenchman?" said Lance, "I would take them in mine own hand. And as for my Lord Saville, as they call him, I heard word last night that he and all his men of gilded gingerbread that looked at an honest fellow like me, as if they were the ore and I the dross are all to be off this morning to some races, or such-like junketings, about Tutbury.

In a country where grave magistrates harness themselves to a dancer's carriage and draw it in triumph, it may be judged how the bold Frenchman was treated. If they did not take out his horses it was probably because he had none, but all other marks of enthusiasm were showered upon him.

The animation of the Frenchman expressed itself in every motion, but at the same time there was in him a certain determination which seemed to say: "I am aware of my own intellectual superiority!"

At length the Frenchman rose and took his leave, making an appointment to dine with Cartoner that evening. Out in the street he took off his hat to high heaven again. "More lies!" he murmured, humbly. At the foot of the steep and narrow Bednarska the street running down from the Cracow Faubourg to the river there are always many workers. It is here that the bathing-houses and the boat-houses are.

Two of you are still youthful, like myself, and must still feel the power of beauty; even the Monsieur that is no longer a young man has had his moments of passion, like all that are born of woman. Messieurs, I have no more to say: you know the rest. If you condemn me, let it be as an unfortunate Frenchman, whose heart had its weaknesses not as an ignominious and treacherous spy."

"For them, yes; but they might have given us a bad ending." "For the Frenchman, he's got less than was brewing for him, but Bucklaw was a humorous dog." As he said this he stooped to Bucklaw and turned him over, calling to the sailors to clean the red trough and bring the dead men on deck, but presently he cried: "By the devil's tail, the fellow lives!

The distracted situation of France, with its ecclesiastical and parliamentary quarrels, not to mention the illness and possibly the death of the Dauphin, will make the King of Prussia, who is certainly no Frenchman in his heart, very cautious how he acts as one.

"'Noint my block!" he cried, when the pitiful sum was placed in his hand. "Dost think a Shrewsbury man 'll be done out of his dues by a codger of a Frenchman what he don't vally no more than pork slush or a stinking dogfish? Split my binnacle if I be!" And he flung the money at the amazed Frenchman, and kept his word to work at his old trade no more.

The young Frenchman had come with Nigel to the conference, and now, amid the silence which followed the leader's proposal, he asked if he might be heard. He was clad in the brazen armor which Nigel had taken from the Red Ferret. "It may be that it is not for me to join in your counsel," said he, "seeing that I am a prisoner and a Frenchman.

I never found the other tusks they said they had left behind either. I believe that ill-favored black rascal, Sikaso, got them." "You leave it to me," was the rejoinder of the Frenchman, to whom the latter part of this speech had been incomprehensible of course, "the Buzzard will win the cup, never fear."