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God has mercifully ordered that the human brain works slowly; first the blow, hours afterwards the bruise. Oh, dear me, that man Hume "on miracles" positively amazing! So that too, please, you will be quite clear about. Credo not quia impossible est, but because you, Lawford, have told me.

Nofor this plain reason, that the Jansenists are no more able to obscure the glory of our society, than an owl can hide the sun; in fact, they promote it, though certainly against their intentionoccidi non possunt, quia nocere non potuerunt.” “Alas, father,” says Pascal, “and does the existence of the Jansenists depend solely upon their capacity of injuring your reputation?

Finally, he had spoken of her singing with rapturous delight. At night the "Quia amore langueo" from the Mary motet had echoed softly from his lips, and when he perceived that Don Luis had heard him, he murmured that this peerless cry of longing, reminded him not of the earthly but the heavenly love.

Why do you not now at this instant settle yourself in the state you seem to aim at, and spare all the labour and hazard you interpose?" "Nimirum, quia non cognovit, qux esset habendi Finis, et omnino quoad crescat vera voluptas." I will conclude with an old versicle, that I think very apt to the purpose: "Mores cuique sui fingunt fortunam."

She would face the last agonies of death when the bloom of her youthful strength and beauty was but opening as a rose in June. She would do more, she would brave the threatened vengeance of the most High, coming before Him a self murderess, and with but one plea for pity that she loved so well: quia multum amavit.

Namque stultorum aliqui Paganorum huiusmodi adorant animalia propter colorum, odorumque virtutem. Proposui retrahere calamum a describenda nobilitate, gubernatione et ministrantium frequentia, atque Imperatoris magnificentia: attamen quia coepi ego, propter incredulos, et nescios, ac inerudibiles, non dimittam in toto.

Thus the Court Rolls of a manor of the fourteenth century for before the statute Quia Emptores I suspect that they were kept with much less regularity and much less care than they were afterwards are practically the registers of the deaths of all occupiers of land within the manor; and, as every householder was an occupier of land, the death of every householder may be said to be inscribed upon the Rolls.

Cur igitur pacem nolo? Quia infida est, quia periculosa, quia esse non potest!" More moderate in form, Austria had in reality replied like England.

He is one whose errors, let us hope, shall be pardoned, quia multum amavit. I am sure he felt ten times more joy at hearing of Clive's legacy, than if thousands had been bequeathed to himself. May good health and good fortune speed him! The days went on, and our hopes, raised sometimes, began to flicker and fail.

"Nesciunt mortui, etiam sancti, quid agunt vivi, etiam eorum filii, quia animae mortuorum rebus viventium non intersunt": "The dead, though holy, know nothing of the living, no, not of their own children: for the souls of those departed, are not conversant with their affairs that remain." And if we doubt of St.