Accius paints action with vigour. We have the following spirited fragment "Constituit, cognovit, sensit, conlocat sese in locum Celsum: hinc manibus rapere raudus saxeum et grave." and again "Heus vigiles properate, expergite, Pectora tarda, sopore exsurgite!"

'But if you law gentlemen do these things on speculation, why you must get a loss now and then, you know. 'You gave them a COGNOVIT for the amount of your costs, after the trial, I'm told! said Jackson. 'Yes. Just as a matter of form, replied Mrs. Bardell. 'Certainly, replied Jackson drily. 'Quite a matter of form. Quite. On they drove, and Mrs. Bardell fell asleep.

In this manner it is that men spend their lives; everything offers God to their sight, and yet they see it nowhere. "He was in the world, and the world was made by Him, and nevertheless the world did not know Him" In mundo erat, et mundus per ipsum factus est, et mundus eum non cognovit. They pass away their lives without perceiving that sensible representation of the Deity.

'I cannot undertake to say, at this moment, whether the wording of the cognovit, the nature of the ostensible consideration, and the proof we can get together about the whole conduct of the suit, will be sufficient to justify an indictment for conspiracy. I fear not, my dear Sir; they are too clever for that, I doubt.

'Dodson and Fogg, replied the man; 'execution on COGNOVIT for costs. 'Here, Job, Job! shouted Sam, dashing into the passage. 'Run to Mr. Perker's, Job. I want him directly. I see some good in this. Here's a game. Hooray! vere's the gov'nor? But there was no reply to these inquiries, for Job had started furiously off, the instant he received his commission, and Mrs.

The Shenandoah, more noble than even the Mississippi, will inspire him, and possibly he will turn his attention to humor possibly, sir, the proceedings in courts of law may attract his attention justification, and cognovit, and certiorari. Let me read you a small portion of a poem written upon those subjects by a very humble poet are you listening, Mr. Verty?"

Et coeperunt cogitare Scribae et Pharisaei, dicentes, Quis est hic qui loquitur blasphemias? quis potest dimittere peccata nisi solus deus? Ut cognovit autem Jesus cogitationes eorum, respondens dixit ad illos. ... Quid est facilius dicere, Dimittuntur tibi peccata, an dicere, Surge et ambula?

Why do you not now at this instant settle yourself in the state you seem to aim at, and spare all the labour and hazard you interpose?" "Nimirum, quia non cognovit, qux esset habendi Finis, et omnino quoad crescat vera voluptas." I will conclude with an old versicle, that I think very apt to the purpose: "Mores cuique sui fingunt fortunam."

Bardell, who, as a matter of form, had given them a cognovit for the amount of their costs. Mr. Pickwick was taking his evening walk in the grounds of the Fleet when Mrs. Bardell was brought in, and Sam Weller, seeing the lady, took off his hat in mock reverence. Mr. Pickwick turned indignantly away. "Don't bother the woman," said the turnkey to Weller; "she's just come in."

Westly, after having told me for the last three weeks that nothing was wanting for my accommodation but your consent, having told me so, so late as Friday, sends me word on Monday that he would not do it at all. In four days I have a cognovit expires for 200l. I can't suffer my family to be turned into the streets if I can help it. I have no resource but my abilities, such as they are.