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"Et omnes amicos nostros in captivitatem lachrymabilem tractaverunt " "Cor dolet," said the priest; "miseret me vestrum." "Cujusmodi terra est hæc in qua sustenendum est tot labores?" The priest sighed. "Tonitruendum est malum!" exclaimed Tozer, excited by the recollection of his wrongs. The priest stared. "In hostium manibus fuimus, et, bonum tonitru! omnia impedimenta amissimus.

There are three flags: the national colours, the state flag, and a purple regimental flag lettered in gold: '3d Regt. N. Y. Zouaves, and under it their motto: 'Multorum manibus grande levatur onus. I hope it is good Latin, for it is mine. Is it? To this letter he made no reply, and, after a week, his silence hurt her.

Verum qui non manibus clare, quantum Potent, plauserit, Ei, pro scorto, supponetur hircus unctus nantea." Horace mentions, however, a female performer called Arbuscula, but as we find from his own authority men personated women on the Roman stage, she was probably an Emboliariae.

"In vain will tradition or texts of scripture be adduced in support of a doctrine, donec clava impossibilitatis et contradictionis e manibus horum Herculum extorta fuerit. For the heretic will still reply, that texts, the literal sense of which is not so much above as directly against all reason, must be understood figuratively, as Herod is a fox, and so forth."

Like nature, like nature in that opulent country of his birth which the "Nolan," as he delighted to call himself, loved so well that, born wanderer as he was, he must perforce return thither sooner or later at the risk of life, he gave plenis manibus, but without selection, and was hardly more fastidious in speech than the "asinine" vulgar he so deeply contemned.

And that the apostles were still sitting when they received the bread, Hospinian thinks it no less certain. They made no doubt of the certainty hereof who composed that old verse which we find in Aquinas: — Rex sedet in coena, turba cinctus duodena; Se tenet in manibus; se cibat ipse cibus.

I congratulate you on the peace between Japan and China, and hope we may quickly obtain a Feodosia free from ice on the East Coast, and may make a railway to it. The peasant woman had not troubles enough so she bought a pig. However, futura sunt in manibus deorum. MELIHOVO, October 21, 1895. Thanks for your letter, for your warm words and your invitation.

The chronicle of Croyland of the same date says, "the prince was slain 'ultricibus quorundam manibus';" but names nobody. Thus much had the story gained from the time of Fabian to that of Hall. Hollingshed repeats these very words, consequently is a transcriber, and no new authority.

On a number of Gallo-Roman CIPPI, we find a hatchet beneath which we read the words, DIS MANIBUS, and lower down the dedication, SUB ASCIA DEDICAVIT. At all times and everywhere the hatchet appears as the emblem of force, and is the object of the respect of the people. The tradition of its value and importance is handed down from ancestors to descendants throughout many generations.

Cicero, indeed, describes to us an admirable arrangement of political power, and a balance of the constitution, in that beautiful passage, in which he compares the democracies of Greece with the Roman commonwealth. "O morem preclarum, disciplinamque, quam a majoribus, accepimus, si quidem teneremus! sed nescio quo pacto jam de manibus elabitur.