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Maritima quoque domestica gens est, et culta, fida, patiens, et urbana; vestitu siquidem honesta, civilis atque pacifica; circa cultum divinum devota, sed et obviandis hostium injuriis semper prona.

Two lines which have exercised the ingenuity of modern criticks, may, I think, be reconciled to the judgment, by an easy supposition: Horace thus addresses Agrippa: Scriberis Vario fortis, et hostium Victor, Maeonii carminis alite. Hon. Lib. i. Ode vi. 1. Varius, a swan of Homer's wing, Shall brave Agrippa's conquests sing.

XXXIX. Hunc rerum cursum, quanquam nulla verborum jactantia epistolis Agricolae actum, ut Domitiano moris erat, fronte laetus, pectore anxius excepit. Inerat conscientia derisui fuisse nuper falsum e Germania triumphum, emptis per commercia, quorum habitus et crines in captivorum speciem formarentur: at nunc veram magnamque victoriam, tot millibus hostium caesis, ingenti fama celebrari.

Et, cum Cerialis quidem alterius successoris curam famamque obruisset, sustinuit quoque molem Julius Frontinus, vir magnus quantum licebat, validamque et pugnacem Silurum gentem armis subegit, super virtutem hostium, locorum quoque difficultates eluctatus.

With reference to the landing at Malta in 498: -Transit Melitam Romanus insuiam integram Urit populatur vastat rem hostium concinnat. Lastly, as to the peace which terminated the war concerning Sicily: -Id quoque paciscunt moenia sint Lutatium quae Reconcilient; captivos plurimos idem Sicilienses paciscit obsides ut reddant.

In farms, in parishes, in solid masses, we shall establish ourselves on the banks of the Merrimac as we have on our own historic streams, to increase and multiply and possess the land, replacing the degenerate New Englander, possedentes januas hostium, performing a divine mission, working out a high destiny for our language and the Catholic faith, and establishing a new, magnificent State out of the portions of those destroyed, over which shall fly the lilies of old "

The antithetic particle is omitted before this clause as it often is by our author. Ut hostium oculis, to strike with terror the eyes of the enemy, for primi in omnibus proeliis oculi vincuntur, 43. XXXIX. Vetustissimos. Oldest. See Ramshorn and Freund. Fides antiquitatis. Antiquitatis is objective gen.==the belief, or persuasion of their antiquity. Auguriis sacram.

There it was decreed that they should make a fair procession, stuffed with good lectures, prayers, and litanies contra hostium insidias, and jolly responses pro pace.

Sed cum retrocedere vellet multitudine hostium obrutus, tum demum equum cecidisse seque captum fuisse." The drinking at the fountain was probably an embellishment of Raspe's own. Similarly, the quaint legend of the thawing of the horn was told by Castiglione in his Cortegiano, first published in 1528.

Between the obelisks he fell on his knees, and when I reached him was praying, "Sancta Mater! Diva Mater! Ab hostium incidiis libera me!" I saw a head at a window, a head in a night-cap a man's. Over it peeped another a woman's. But I knew my Florence: there would be no interference in a duel. I said, "Get up, Palamone, and fight with me." He was wild with terror cried, "No, no, no spare me!