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As they entered the arched gateway, they saw above their heads another happy device of L'Escarbot, the arms of France and the King's motto, "Duo protegit unus," encircled with laurels. Under this were the arms of De Monts and Poutrincourt, with their respective mottoes "Dabit deus his quoque finem," and "In vid virtuti nulla est via," also surrounded with evergreens.

"Then I can do nothing to help you," said the Pope; "had the painter sent you to purgatory I would have used my best efforts to get you released, but I exercise no influence in hell, ubi nulla est redemptio."

It seems father had taken a restless fit himself, and after we were gone had crossed Nulla Mountain to some place above Rocky Flat, to where he could see what went on with a strong glass.

It was a queer time and a queer look-out. Three o'clock in the morning the stars in the sky, and it so clear that we could see Nulla Mountain rising up against it a big black lump, without sign of tree or rock; underneath the valley, one sea of mist, and we just agoing to drop into it; on the other side of the Hollow, the clear hill we called the Sugarloaf.

The vulgar look upon a man, who is reckoned a fine speaker, as a phenomenon, a supernatural being, and endowed with some peculiar gift of heaven; they stare at him, if he walks in the Park, and cry, THAT IS HE. You will, I am sure, view him in a juster light, and 'nulla formidine'. You will consider him only as a man of good sense, who adorns common thoughts with the graces of elocution, and the elegance of style.

"His is, indeed, the disease nulla medicabilis herba. Whether it is the past or the present that afflicts him whether it is the memory of past evil, or the satiety of present good, he has taken to his heart the bitterest philosophy of life.

General or congregated beauties always arise from genius and talent: particular or detached beauties belong to study, to labour, that is, to the nulla die sine linea and sometimes solely to chance, as is exemplified in the old story of Protogenes, the celebrated Rhodian painter.

Quibus rebus multae civitates, quae in illum diem ex aequo egerant, datis obsidibus, iram posuere, et praesidiis castellisque circumdatae tanta ratione curaque, ut nulla ante Britanniae nova pars illacessita transierit.

This was fortunate, and was caused by the native custom of making the gins carry their spears and shields on the march, themselves only carrying a nulla or two. They were soon back again however, with large bundles of spears, but not before the party had had time to prepare for them. The rifles were dry and loaded.

Per chio laueggio neluerace speglio che fa dise pareglio alaltre cose et nulla face lui dise pareglio. Here pareglio corresponds with the Provencal parelh and the later French pareil, and the Provencal phrase rendre le parelha affords an example of similar application to that of the word in Dante.