Being again asked, "At sunset, did you look in on Sir Isaac?" Witness replied, "I did." "And now, upon your conscience, sir, by the virtue of your oath, in what state were the stockings?" Ans. "In statu quo ante bellum." This happens to all; but was dinner not dinner, and did supper become dinner, because Sir Isaac Newton ate nothing at the first, and threw the whole day's support upon the last?

Secretary to the British Herring Fishery, remarkable for an extraordinary number of occasional verses, not of eminent merit. BOSWELL. See ante, i. 115, note i. Lockman was known in France as the translator of Voltaire's La Henriade. See Marmontel's Preface. Voltaire's Works, ed. 1819, viii. 18. Luke vii. 50.

But his equanimity got a jar when Ken passed up the ante on his deal and subsequently regained all his lost chips on his own deal. The hands were astonishingly big for the stage of the game and the gambler essayed a crooked play which apparently was not detected by Douglass. He was vastly encouraged thereby and tried it repeatedly, winning only a chip or two each time.

Lord Palmerston gave a large subscription. See post, May 15, 1783. See Boswell's Hebrides, post, v. 48. See ante, p. 171. Quoted by Boswell, ante, iii. 324. It is suggested to me by an anonymous Annotator on my Work, that the reason why Dr. Piozzi's Collection, where it appears that he recommended 'dried orange-peel, finely powdered, as a medicine. BOSWELL. See ante, ii. 330.

Beattie, a week or two later, wrote: 'Johnson grows in grace as he grows in years. See ante, iii. 65. Wilkes was by this time City Chamberlain. See ante, ii. 201, for Beattie's Essay on Truth. Thurot, in the winter of 1759-60, with a small squadron made descents on some of the Hebrides and on the north-eastern coast of Ireland. In a sea fight off Ireland he was killed and his ships were taken.

"Ye mustn't mind Jacksey," said Rice, sycophantically edging to her side, "he's so cut up with losin' your father that he loved like a son, he isn't himself, and don't seem to know whether to ante up or pass out. And as for yourself, Miss why What was it he was sayin' only just as the young lady came?" he added, turning abruptly to Wyngate.

"Was he frae the Indies?" "Na; he did not think he came that road. He was far frae the Southland. Naebody ever heard the name of the place; but he had brought more guid out o' Peterhead than a' the Lords he had seen in Slains, and he had seen three." Lockhart's Scott, ed. 1839, iv. 188. The first of the three was Johnson's host. See ante, ii. 153, and iii. 1, note 2. Mme.

See ante, ii. 357. 'See nations, slowly wise and meanly just, To buried merit raise the tardy bust. Johnson's Vanity of Human Wishes. He was perhaps, thinking of Markland. Ante, p. 161, note 3. 'Dr. Johnson, writes Mrs. Piozzi, 'was no complainer of ill-usage. I never heard him even lament the disregard shown to Irene. Piozzi Letters, ii. 386. See ante, i. 200.

Two Catholic priests Americans, not Spaniards were at this moment waiting in the ante room, to ask permission for the priests Aguinaldo has in prison to go back to Spain, and the General could not give an answer until he had consulted his council. Probably he would not dare to part with the priests, and an order from him would be disregarded.

Since 1870 the potential energy on the German side of the corner-stone has increased in an unprecedented degree, and this huge energy has been consistently converted into concrete military and naval forces. This alteration in the potential status quo ante has been partly the result of natural growth, but in a still greater degree, to Germany's doctrine that it is only might which counts.