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They played on steadily; a great stillness grew in the room, a stillness broken only by the little rattle of chips and subdued rustle of the shuffled cards. Once Vandover stopped, just time enough to throw off his vest, his collar, and his scarf. For a moment the luck seemed about to settle on him.

Abruptly it was chattering; in another instant it was still. "Double O!" announced a voice. A player next P. Sybarite swore soulfully. Thirty-five white chips were stacked alongside the winning stake. With unbecoming haste P. Sybarite removed them. "Well," he sighed privately, "there's one thing certain: this won't last. But I don't like to seem a piker.

I was to do the playing while he kept tab and told me what to do each whirl. "Well, we buys a stack of a hundred chips, and runs them up to two hundred and fifty. I says, 'let's quit, but he was stuck on pushing our luck while it came our way. We played along for half an hour, and hardly varied $50; then, all at once, we 'struck the slide, and I had to buy another stack.

At this moment the ball started whirling, and Smoke dropped ten chips on '26. The ball fell into the slot of '26, and the keeper again paid him three hundred and fifty dollars. "If you're plum crazy an' got the immortal cinch, bet'm the limit," Shorty said. "Put down twenty-five next time." A quarter of an hour passed, during which Smoke won and lost on small scattering bets.

Only a short time before, when a letter from her had come to Breakstone a long letter full of the beauty and charm of Italy and the Italians Derby had gone to the edge of the forest and for no reason that any one could see, save the apparent joy of swinging an axe chopped a tree into fire-wood. "D n it all," he muttered as the chips flew, "I could support a wife if she wasn't so all-fired rich."

Don't think that Mrs Clyde was inhospitable. Nothing of the sort. She gave me a general invitation, on the contrary, to come in whenever I pleased of an evening "to have a little music;" giving expression at the same time to the sentiment, that she would be "very happy" to see me. But, after that affair connected with Dicky Chips, I learnt caution.

Now, for some years it has been inadequate, frequently unintelligible, often grossly misleading, failing wholly to give the real spirit and meaning of the most important discussions; and it is as dry as chips besides. To be both stupid and inaccurate is the unpardonable sin in journalism.

It is caused by the Gulf Stream, which, circling round the Atlantic, sends off towards the centre all the sea-weed and drift-wood collected in its course. Throw some chips into that tub; now, set the water in motion with your hand. The current you have created sends off all the chips into the centre of the tub. You need never forget how this Sargasso Sea becomes covered with weed.

"Oh, well, you mustn't mind the loss of a few dollars," said Andy Emery. "A man can make a fortune in this country picking up chips if he puts them on the right card." "Put a little perfumery on that before you use it again, Emery," grinned Tad Horner. "It's got whiskers." "I think Swallows all right, but he reminds me of a man I knew once on a time.

While range riding or hunting for strays, we always carried with us on our saddle the branding irons of our respective ranches, and whenever we ran across a calf that had not been branded we had to rope the calf, tie it, then a fire was made of buffalo chips, the only fuel besides grass to be found on the prairie.

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