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To slip on his bridle, adjust and cinch his saddle took but a few minutes. Then she led him from his stall, silently unbarred the big doors, led him outside, again closed the doors carefully, and mounted him. The night was clear and cold. The moon, though now well toward the western mountains, still made it bright.

"I reckon you're right," returned Ferguson, his eyes gleaming cordially; "an' I've knowed men to lose their tempers discussin' whether a center fire or a double cinch was the most satisfyin'." "Some men is plum fools," returned Rope, surveying Ferguson with narrow, pleased eyes. "You didn't observe that the saddles rode any easier after the argument than before?" "I didn't observe.

Yuh got plenty of evidence; you can send him up like a charm. It was different when he cut your latigo strap in that rough-riding contest; yuh couldn't prove it on him. But this why, man, it's a cinch!" "I haven't lost Harry Conroy, so I ain't looking for him just now," growled Rowdy. "So long as he keeps out uh reach, I won't ask no more of him.

"There ain't anything an Injun likes better than to sit tight and enjoy a cinch. He won't kill you as long as he can get some fun out of you. "I ain't savin' what I felt, but old pink-and-white Percival was there, babe in the woods dependin' on me, and me covered by an Apache rifle! "'How! says I, throwin' it careless over my shoulder. "There was a still second. Then the Injun answers, 'Huh!

Douglas went on tightening the cinch. "It was just a broken-down cow pony that should have been shot long ago," said John, sullenly. Douglas leaped into the saddle, took the fence like a swallow, and was gone. Prince yelped on the trail before him. Where he was going, Doug did not know.

The horse, braced against the rope, stood trembling in every muscle while Bat brought forward the saddle with the right stirrup-leather and cinch thrown back over the seat. As he was about to hand it to the Texan he stopped suddenly and examined the cinch. Then without a word carried it back, unsaddled his own horse, and taking the cinch from his saddle exchanged it for the other.

After all, he was an old mountain pilot and was as familiar with the area around the Cascade Mountains as he was with his own living room. To cinch this point the fact that the objects had passed behind a mountain peak was brought up. This positively established the distance the objects were from Arnold and confirmed his calculated 1,700-miles-per-hour speed.

"Then you'll still leave him to me." "Well, we want him, and that's all there is to it." "What do you want with him?" "We'll show you when we get him." "It's a cinch you won't get him until you do show me." "Now, I don't want to have any trouble with you, young feller, but " "I shouldn't think you would."

"She is. Yu won't have no cinch ridin' home with that leg. Yu better take my cayuse he's busted more'n yourn," responded Skinny. "Yore cayuse is at th' Cross Bar O, yu wall-eyed pirute." "Shore 'nuff. Funny how a feller forgets sometimes. Lemme alone now, they's goin' to git By-an'-by. Pete an' Lanky has just went in after him." That was what had occurred.

I heard about her grievances over our seizure of her ironclads, of the mischief the coming of the Goeben had wrought, of Enver and his precious Committee and the way they had got a cinch on the old Turk. When he had spoken for a bit, he began to question me.